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Tegam Inc manufactures test, measurement, and calibration instruments for more than 26 years.

Tegam Inc   Geneva  United States
Tegam Inc specializes in manufacturing and supporting test, measurement, and calibration instruments. Their products include RF power sensor calibration systems, RF attenuation measurement systems, resistance standards, ratio standards, ohm meters, LCR meters/impedance bridges, arbitrary waveform generators, high-voltage amplifiers, MEMS engine driver systems, handheld thermometers, humidity meters, and other test and measurement solutions.

Passandseymour supplies electrical wiring devices and accessories for residential, commertial, and industrial purposes.

Passandseymour    Canada
Passandseymour specializes in supplying electrical wiring devices and accessories for residental, commertial and industrial purposes. Some of their products include switches, weatherproof boxes and covers, dimmers and fan speed controls, cam-type devices, straight blade plugs and connectors, straight blade devices, tvss and isolated ground devices, network wiring connectivity, etc.

MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd designs and manufactures wide welding joining equipments for more than 30 years.

MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd    United States
MacGregor Welding Systems Ltd specializes in designing and manufacturing wide range of welding joining equipments for several applications like s medical devices, automotive sensors, microwave assemblies, lighting, battery and battery pack assembly, satellite assembly, aerospace components, solar cells and numerous other electrical and electronic applications. Their products include micro resistance welding, micro arc, and droplet deposition. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

High Current Technologies Inc manufactures calibration systems since 1995.

High Current Technologies Inc    United States
High Current Technologies Inc specializes in manufacturing calibration systems. Few of their products include resistance welding current measurement system, pulsed current calibrators, current sensing coils, multi range integrators, G series ultra precision rogowski coils, and series 701.

Anacon Automation and Controls distributes various Solid State Electronic Timers, DIN and Panel Mount platform, Switches, etc.

Anacon Automation and Controls   Concord  United States
Anacon Automation and Controls is a representative distributor of Airotronics, Anacon Power and Controls, BT International Safety Relays, Crouzet, Dwyer Instruments, Inc, Love Controls, Teledyne Relays, Fagor Electra and Elan GmbH and Co. KG. Few of their products include temperature switches, panel meters, humidity switch, pressure gauges, chart recorders, synchronous motors, stepper motors, safety solenoids, etc.

We specialize in products development, production and sales of optical components, optical thin film products, photo electricity components, CCTV camera, optical materials and CDS photoconductive cells, etc.   shenzhen  0
Oande Optical& Electronic Technology Co., Ltd specializes in products development, production and sales of optical components, optical thin film products, photo electricity components, CCTV camera, optical materials and CDS photoconductive cells, photoelectric instrument and related components and accessories.\r\n\r\nMain product category of the company includes CDS, Len, PIR, Infrared, Fresnel lens, photosensitive sensor, metal photosensitive resistor, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany’s business scope includes optical components, optical thin film products, photo electricity components, CCTV camera, and optical materials and CDs photoconductive cells, photoelectric instrument and other related products.\r\n\r\nOande Optical& Electronic Technology Company supplies its products mainly to electronics, and electrical industries.

Datasensor SpA manufactures various photoelectric devices.

Datasensor SpA    Germany
Datasensor SpA specializes in producing various sorts of photo electric detection devices, photo electric safety devices and photo electric inspection devices. Their products include contrast sensors, photoelectric sensors, UV LED emission sensors, etc.

MicroTesla designs and manufactures directional sensors since 2000.

MicroTesla    United States
MicroTesla specializes in designing and manufacturing directional sensors. Few of their products include analog sensors, digitized sensors, directional modules, magnetic and navigation products, steering modules, and mud meters. The company has been certified with ISO 9001 standard.

Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and supplies electrical components for security alarm system.

Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd.    India
Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd. products include magnetic door contacts, magnetic security switches, sensors, switches, reed relays, proximity switches, magnetic float switches, etc. Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 company.

Industrial controllers, PLC , serial device servers, sensors, actuators, servos and more! Mnauafacturesrs, retailers and worldwide orders wellcome!

SCM International, Inc.   West Covina  United States
OEM PLCs, Low cost PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Phone connectable - Real time clock - Voice Warning - Networking & Monitoring! . Microcontrollers training systems. High quality sensors: Tilt sensors, float, movement, position, vibration, humidity, gas, pressure and proximity sensors. Servos, Motors, Electric pistons, Valves, Actuators, etc...