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Quantum Research Group develops and distributes capacitive sensor ICs.

Quantum Research Group   Pittsburgh  United States
Quantum Research Group specializes in developing and distributing capacitive sensor ICs for switching and control applications. Their product line includes capacitance sensors, charge transfer sensors, touch controls and buttons, sensing integrated circuits, etc.

BWD Automotive manufactures and supplies electrical components, fuel emission components, wire cable products.

BWD Automotive    ,,
BWD Automotive specializes in manufacturing and supplying electrical components, fuel emission components, wire cable products. Their products include electrical contact enhancer, engine management systems, charging and starting system parts, heavy duty flashers, switches, sensors, relays, emission control parts, fuel injection parts, honda fuel injector, sure spark wire sets, lead free battery cable harnesses, etc.

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic components used in automation applications since 1999.

Automation Systems Interconnect Inc    United States
Automation Systems Interconnect Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing electrical and electronic components used in automation applications such as industrial computers and controllers, machinery, manufacturing and processing systems and plant controls. Their products include switching power supplies 5V DC output, battery charge modules, AC power module single outlet, circuit breakers, supplementary protector, circuit breaker lockout, circuit board tray 72mm mounting foot, sensor cables and connectors, etc.

Apogee Instruments Inc produces and distributes imaging systems since 1994.

Apogee Instruments Inc    United States
Apogee Instruments Inc specializes in producing and distributing imaging systems. They provide professional imaging solutions. Their products include alta scientific imaging systems, OEM imaging solutions, etc.

Metro Electric Company manufactures and supplies induction melting and vacuum casting furnaces since 1989.

Metro Electric Company   Rajkot  India
Metro Electric Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying induction melting and vacuum casting furnaces since 1989. Few of their products include vacuum casting plants for gold, silver, platinum and palladium, vacuum casting machineries, melting induction furnace, gold melting vacuum casting induction furnace, gold and silver melting induction furnaces, etc. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

John Chubb Instrumentation manufactures instruments to quantify electrostatic conditions.

John Chubb Instrumentation    United Kingdom
John Chubb Instrumentation Develops and manufactures instrumentation to quantify electrostatic conditions and to avoid problems with static electricity. Few of their products include JCI 131 electrostatic fieldmeter, JCI 178 charge measurement unit, JCI 503 lightning warning system, JCI calibration service.

Dynasen Incorporated supplies sensors and transmitter systems.

Dynasen Incorporated    United States
Dynasen Incorporated specializes in supplying sensors and transmitter systems. Their products include ionization pins, self shorting pins, piezoelectric pins, stress gauges, strain gauges, stress or strain gauges, velocity gauges, switches, cable assemblies, charge integrators, electronics assembly, thin film deposition, test equipment, etc.

Allegro MicroSystems Inc designs, manufactures and supplies advanced mixed signal hall effect sensor and analog power IC.

Allegro MicroSystems Inc   Worcester  United States
Allegro MicroSystems Inc specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying advanced mixed signal hall effect sensor and analog power IC serving high growth applications for automotive electronics, office automation, industrial and portable electronics. They offer cutting edge technology and innovative solutions. Their products include current sensors, hall effect sensor, power management, bridge and half bridge drivers, high voltage peripheral power and display drivers, power interface drivers, power sink drivers, power source drivers, etc.

Matrix Controls Corp represents manufacturers since 1996.

Matrix Controls Corp   Austin  United States
Matrix Controls Corp specializes in representing manufacturers for domestic and foreign countries since 1996. They represent products such as brushless dc motors, voice coils, linear and rotary actuators, current sensors, hall effect sensors, gauss and test meters, etc.

Marlec Engineering Co Ltd supplies energy products since 1979.

Marlec Engineering Co Ltd    United Kingdom