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We specialize in designing and manufacturing level instruments and speed monitoring systems since 1983.\r\n   Indore  0
Sapcon Instruments design and manufacture level instruments and speed monitoring systems which undergoes environmental testing.\r\nThe level measurement products manufactured are Tuning/Vibrating Fork Level Measurement Switches, Capacitive Level Measurement Sensors, RF Admittance Level Switches, and Conductivity Level Measurement Switches.The speed monitoring devices produced are speed O tester and speed O pilot.\r\nThe company has clients like Colgate, Unilever, Holcim, Godrej, Cadbury, and Aditya Birla Group and have distributors all over India. \r\n

We specialize in manufacturer of level measurement and speed instruments.

Sapcon is a leading manufacturer of level measurement and speed instruments, develop customized and cost-effective international quality standard products. Our liquid level sensors and switches provide high-reliability monitoring and detection of a wide range of fluid media. Application requirements can range anywhere from the sensing of steel and soya industries, packaging machines, diesel fuel tanks, water and wastewater, cement plants, even in food & dairy industries. \r\nThe company is the leading producers for industrial process control and automation instruments. The company include level indication solutions and feature a wide range of level-sensing technologies such as capacitance, RF-admittance, conductivity, ultrasonic. The products are Level Limit Switches, Level Transmitters, Derivative Applications, and Speed Monitoring.

Datasensor SpA manufactures various photoelectric devices.

Datasensor SpA    Germany
Datasensor SpA specializes in producing various sorts of photo electric detection devices, photo electric safety devices and photo electric inspection devices. Their products include contrast sensors, photoelectric sensors, UV LED emission sensors, etc.

Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and supplies electrical components for security alarm system.

Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd.    India
Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd. products include magnetic door contacts, magnetic security switches, sensors, switches, reed relays, proximity switches, magnetic float switches, etc. Hamilton Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 company.

Industrial controllers, PLC , serial device servers, sensors, actuators, servos and more! Mnauafacturesrs, retailers and worldwide orders wellcome!

SCM International, Inc.   West Covina  United States
OEM PLCs, Low cost PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Phone connectable - Real time clock - Voice Warning - Networking & Monitoring! . Microcontrollers training systems. High quality sensors: Tilt sensors, float, movement, position, vibration, humidity, gas, pressure and proximity sensors. Servos, Motors, Electric pistons, Valves, Actuators, etc...

Kopplin Controls is a manufacturer and distributor of sensors, electrical and pneumatic components and safety equipments since 1958.

Kopplin Controls    United States
Kopplin Controls specializes in manufacturing and distributing sensors, electrical and pneumatic components and safety equipments. Their products include brake monitors, control reliable valves, ergonomic buttons, control reliable valves, cylinders, directional valves, micro controllers, cable connectors, motor starters, etc.

Electrodepot supplies wireless controls, motor controls, and process sensors.

Electrodepot    United States
Electrodepot specializes in distributing wireless controls, motor controls, and process sensors. Few of their products are controllers, remote control, sensors, timers, contactors, solar power, VFD drives, etc.

General Electric Company designs and manufactures sensing devices and calibration equipments.

General Electric Company    United States
General Electric Company specializes in designing and manufacturing sensing devices and calibration equipments. The company products are pressure sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, IR sensors gas sensors, thermal process validation system, wireless process validation and monitoring, aviation ground support equipment, environmental monitoring system, etc. their services include start up commissioning, troubleshooting, verification of field instrument installation, etc.

Schneider Electric is a manufacturer of electrical distribution and industrial control and automation products and systems.

Schneider Electric    United States
Schneider Electric specializes in producing electrical distribution and industrial control and automation products and systems. The company product includes dimmers, relays, and input devices such as key pads, motion sensors, and touch screens.

RS Electronics supplies electrical and electronic equipments since 1929.

RS Electronics    United States
RS Electronics specializes in supplying electrical and electronic equipments. Their products include digital oscilloscopes, multimeters, omron proximity sensors, industrial ups, computer cables, pressure sensors, alpha wire heat shrink tubing, agilent bench top power supplies, ground testers, insulation testers, bud aluminum enclosures, lambda and power one power supplies, photo electronic sensors, etc.