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Trelleborg Engineered Products Inc manufactures spray applied urethane elastomers and cast products for the past 25 years.

Trelleborg Engineered Products Inc    United States
Trelleborg Engineered Products Inc specializes in manufacturing spray applied urethane elastomers and cast products, trowel elastomers, etc. Their products include polyurethane and polyurea spray elastomer linings, urethane prepolymers, trowelable elastomers, adhesion promoters, and related products.

Advanced Elastomer Systems L P manufactures and distributes thermoplastic elastomers since 1981.

Advanced Elastomer Systems L P   Akron  United States
Advanced Elastomer Systems L P specializes in producing and supplying thermoplastic elastomers. Their product includes santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizate, santoprene 8000 thermoplastic vulcanizate, vyram thermoplastic vulcanizate, geolast thermoplastic vulcanizate, vistaflex thermoplastic elastomer, etc.

Elastomer Specialties Inc. is the source for custom molded urethane and polyurethane elastomer products since 1979.

Elastomer Specialties Inc.    ,,
Elastomer Specialties Inc. manufactures tools, hard and soft mold production, accelerated proto typing, custom casting and precision spin casting of urethane sheets. The company specializes in mining, oilfield, pipeline and manufacturing applications. Elastomer Specialties Inc. offer private label production, polyurea, urethane/urea, polyaspartic and aliphatic elastomer sealant and coating systems.

Jeantet Elastomer Company manufactures wide range of moulded pieces in elastomers since 1905.

Jeantet Elastomer Company    France
Jeantet Elastomer Company specializes in manufacturing moulded pieces in elastomers for several applications like public works, medical, sports, defence, motor-car, collective transport, canalization and brass-founding, mechanical and electrical. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

GLS makes and distributes thermoplastic elastomer compounds and alloys for more than 25 years.

GLS   Mchenry  United States
GLS specializes in manufacturing and supplying thermoplastic elastomer compounds and alloys. The thermoplastic elastomer compounds are used in products such as tools, pens, appliances, food packaging, toothbrushes, razors, bicycle seats, watercraft handle grips, etc.

Kent Elastomer Products manufactures and distributes durometer tubing products for more than 45 years.

Kent Elastomer Products    United States
Kent Elastomer Products specializes in producing and supplying durometer tubing products. Their product includes thermoplastic elastomer tubing, natural rubber latex tubing, PVC tubing, dip molded products, etc.

Miner Elastomer Products Corporation manufactures thermoplastic elastomer compression spring package since 1894.

Miner Elastomer Products Corporation   Geneva  United States
Miner Elastomer Products Corporation specializes in supplying manufactured thermoplastic elastomer compression spring package. The company products are made of rubber, urethane, or steel for markets including automotive, transportation, mining, appliance, sporting goods, exercise equipment, energy management, shock absorption applications, etc

Custom Rubber Products manufactures molded oilfield tools and thermoset plastic products since 1961.

Custom Rubber Products    United States
Custom Rubber Products specializes in manufacturing oilfield elastomer products, phenolics, and thermoset plastic products for the oilfield and industrial markets. The company provides molded rubber products, rubber bonded to metal products, etc.

Midwest Elastomers Inc provides grinding services to produce mesh powders and granules from rubber and plastic materials.

Midwest Elastomers Inc   Wapakoneta  United States
Midwest Elastomers Inc specializes in providing grinding services to produce mesh powders and granules from rubber and plastic materials. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Computer Plastics Inc    United States
Computer Plastics Inc makes custom plastic injection molding. They provide service for advanced molding and tool. They offer to engineering, commodity and elastomer.