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Mahaan Group is a producer and distributor of dairy products.

Mahaan Group   New Delhi  India
Mahaan Group specializes in manufacturing and distributing wide range of dairy products. Few of their products are milk powders, dairy whiteners, milk products, ghee, milk fats, edible casein, edible grade lactose, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing edible ink, edible paper, edible printing, edible painting, edible packaging, and edible decoration supplies.   Glasgow  0
Inkedibles is a manufacturer of edible ink, edible paper, edible printing, edible painting, edible paper, chocolate transfer, edible pens, yummy cookies, airbrush, and others.packaging, and edible decoration supplies. The product category includes edible ink, edible \r\n\r\nSome of the products produced are edible ink cartridges, edible ink refills, edible ink printers, refill accessories, edible printing service, frosting sheets, pre-printed designs, edible printing services, wafer sheets, edible paper cutters, cheese sheets, airbrush inks, airbrush stencils, airbrush equipment, and airbrush bundles.\r\n

Nylabone Products produces animal care products for more than 50 years.

Nylabone Products    United States
Nylabone Products specializes in producing various animal care products. Few of their products are Toro - Superior Rawhide Chews - Bac, NutriDent Edible Dental - Filet Mig, Double Action Chew, PuppyFish, etc.

We specialize in the manufacture and production of edible gelatin and industrial gelatin since 2009.   Luohe  0
Luohe Yijia Trade Co., Ltd produces and manufactures edible gelatin and industrial gelatin. The main product lines of the company include natural gelatin, unflavored edible gelatin, edible gelatin, quality edible grade gelatin, and halal edible gelatin.\r\n\r\nSome of the products include gelatin, industrial gelatin, emery paper glue, technical gelatin, edible gelatin, food grade gelatin, industrial gelatin, natural animal glue, industrial grade gelatin, and many more. The edible halal gelatin is used in preparing foods & meat, ice cream, red wine, candies, dairies, for flower pies, and others.

Milligan and Higgins manufactures wide range of collagen-based products for more than 200 years.

Milligan and Higgins    United States
Milligan and Higgins specializes in producing various collagen-based products. Few of their products are hide glues, bone glues, and industrial gelatins, proteins, hydrolyzed proteins, and collagen hydrolyzates, proteins, hydrolyzed proteins, and collagen hydrolyzates, animal feed ingredients, etc.

Dongsun Ind Co Ltd develops animal health products since 1982.

Dongsun Ind Co Ltd    Korea, Republic of
Dongsun Ind Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing animal health products. Their product includes antioxidant for feedstuff, antioxidant for offal, yellow grease and poultry fat, and antioxidant / antiozonant for rubber. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

American Dehydrated Foods Inc specializes in producing protein and fat ingredients for feed industries since 1978.

American Dehydrated Foods Inc    United States
American Dehydrated Foods Inc produces protein and fat ingredients for feed industries. Their products include spray dried egg, spray dried cooked chicken, spray dried cooked chicken liver, spray dried chicken liver and chicken blend, spray dried cooked pork liver, etc.

We are maufacturer & exporter of Himalaya Crystal Salt Products.

Ittefaq Trading Company   Lahore  Pakistan
We are manufacturer & exporter of Himalaya Crystal Salt products including:-\r\n\r\n1. Crysal Salt Lamps\r\n2. Crystal Salt Tealight / Candle Holders\r\n3. Bath Salt\r\n4. Edible Salt\r\n5. Animal Lick Salt\r\n\r\nWe can talior our products and make new products as per customer\s requirements.

Baroda Earth Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of bleaching earth products for more than 25 years.

Baroda Earth Pvt Ltd    India
Baroda Earth Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing bleaching earth products. Their applications include refining vegetable oils, refining hydrogenated vanaspathi ghee oils, refining animal fats, refining mineral oils, solvents, bleaching of sulphur, etc.

Befit Inc specializes in supplying a wide range of body building and fitness products.

Befit Inc    Canada
Befit Inc supplies various body building and fitness products, health and fitness products. Few of their products include joint repair, liver support, low carb products, meal replacements, muscle builders, muscle recovery, protein bars, protein powders, etc.