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Crystalfontz America Inc specializes in the manufacture of lcd modules for commercial purpose.

Crystalfontz America Inc    United States
Crystalfontz America Inc is a manufacturer of lcd modules for commercial purpose. They of products like drive bay kits, serial lcds, character lcds, graphic lcds, etc.

Forensic Computer Systems is an online store provides information about hardware and software.

Forensic Computer Systems   Woburn  United States
Forensic Computer Systems provides information about computer systems including laboratory, portable stations, acquisition devices, drive bays, tools, kits, software solutions, write blockers, and other miscellaneous items.

Grant Products manufactures various custom steering wheels and driving accessories since 1922.

Grant Products   Glendale  United States
Grant Products specializes in manufacturing wide range of car driving accessories. Their products include golf car, horn buttons, installation kit, sport seat covers, grant marine, shift knobs, etc.

Technosoft is a leading DSP motion control technology company specialized in the\r\ndevelopment, design and manufacture of digital motion control products and custom motion systems.

Technosoft is a leading DSP Motion Control technology company, specialized in the design and manufacture of motion control OEM products and custom motion systems. Technosoft’s focus on innovative design, using the latest control technology, has culminated in the realization of the MotionChip™ - a dedicated DSP solution for motion control, embedded today in a broad range of intelligent servo drive products. Embedding motion control, drive and PLC functionalities in a single compact unit, Technosoft drives cover all type of brushless, DC, linear or step motor applications from 25 W (45 V, 0.5 A) up to 3 kW (325 V, 10 A). They are fully programmable and offer distributed control via CAN networks. The drives can run complex motions without requiring any external controller. The movement sequences can be programmed directly on the drive, while system control functions are handled from the supervising PC or PLC. The TML_LIB motion libraries for PC and PLC are available for the drives quick industrial integration. Starter kits help users to evaluate the drives and develop their specific projects. Technosoft drives support CiA standards DS-301 and DSP402 CANopen. \r\n

We specialize in providing manufacturer and service provider of LED lighting.   Jiashan County  0
Gentwin LED Lighting Co., Ltd specializes in LED lighting R&D, Manufacture and Sales, which locates at the southeast of China, Zhejiang Province, near Shanghai. Major products are LED Light, LED heat sink, accessories, etc, and offer professional technical support, customized solution and assembly service to clients. The factory and China invention patent ensure the product performance, quality, price and production capacity.\r\nThe company covers an area of 2600 square meters, has more than 60 employees and many China patents, including one item of China National Invention Patent, nine items of Utility Model Patent, ten items of Appearance Patent. It has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification in 2010. Most of the company products are exported abroad, such as the US, the UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, South Africa and other countries and regions. Because of the advantage of innovative technology and the invention known as heat column, the performance of Gentwin’s product is excellent, stable, and gains the competitive edge in market.\r\nGentwin’s advanced and core technological product is heat column, which works through phase change heat transfer principle with china invention patent, has super-fast thermal conductivity, and are especially suitable for the high-power LED light, such as LED high bay light. It also can be designed for LED flood light, LED tunnel light, LED down light, LED fishing light, explosion-proof lights and other lights.\r\nThe products are LED Heat Sink/LED Cooler, 100w-200w LED Heat Sink, 200w-300w LED Heat Sink, 300w-400w LED Heat Sink, High Power LED Heat Sink, Less than 100w LED Heat Sink, LED Light Kits, LED High Bay/ Low Bay Light Housing, LED Spot Light Housing, LED Lights, LED Flood Lighting, LED High Bay Lighting, LED High Mast Lighting, LED Low Bay Lighting, LED Lamp Parts & Accessories, LED Lens/ PC Cover, LED Lighting Reflector, LED Power Supply Box, Other LED Lamp Cooling Design, LED Spot Light Heat Sink by Phase Change, and LED Stage Light Heat Sink by Air Cooling.\r\nGentwin LED Lighting Co., Ltd is striving for excellence in quality, service to customers, build long term mutually beneficial cooperation relationship. Welcome communication and cooperation.

Baynets specializes in the manufacture of safety systems for commercial purpose since 1989.

Baynets   East Haddam  United States
Baynets is a manufacturer of safety systems for commercial purpose. They offer products like automotive bays, bus and rail bays, and truck bays.

Glacier Bay Inc specializes in manufacturing thermal control, sound reduction, and DC power management technologies.

Glacier Bay Inc   Oakland  United States
Glacier Bay Inc manufactures thermal control, sound reduction, and DC power management technologies. Their products include refrigeration, air conditioning, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, BLDC motors and drive systems, DC power generation and distribution systems. Glacier Bay Inc produces thermal management and energy control systems for marine, transportation, aerospace, military, medical, electronics and communications applications.

BogeyBusterGolf provides wide range of training aids and accessories.

BogeyBusterGolf   Anaheim  United States
BogeyBusterGolf specializes in distributing various training aids and accessories. Their products include golf wood head covers, golf iron covers, hybrid-utility golf head covers, golf putter covers, castle bay golf iron-wood covers, iron gloves, golf iron covers, etc.

Burgess Snyder Window Company designs, supplies and installs replacement windows and patio doors since 1948.

Burgess Snyder Window Company    United States
Burgess Snyder Window Company specializes in designing, supplying and installing replacement windows and patio doors. They provide custom sunrooms, replacement windows and doors, storm doors and windows, bow and bay windows, patio doors, patio room kits, fiberglass doors and steel doors, etc.

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is a supplier specializing in hard disk drives and other storage products since 2003.

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies   San Jose  United States
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is a supplier of hard disk drives. They offer products like Ultrastar hard drives, deskstar hard drives, Travelstar hard drives, Cinemastar hard drives, USB storage, notebook pc upgrade kit, etc.