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We specialize in providing drain services.   Alfreton  0
ClearFirst Drainage have a drain problem then ClearFirst Drainage have the facilities to quickly resolve it, drawing on years of skill and experience. The company clear and repair blocked drains, collapsed drains, manholes, toilets, urinals, sinks, baths, showers etc using various methods including high pressure water jetting and rodding. The services are Drain Services, Drain Unblocking, Drain Cleaning, Drain Repairs, Drain Jetting, Drain Relining CCTV Drain Surveys, Manhole & Drain Inspections and Collapsed Drains.\r\n\r\nThe company covers the areas are Barnsley, Chesterfield, Coventry, Derby, Doncaster, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Ilkeston, Leeds, Leicester, Loughborough, Mansfield, Nottingham, Rotherham, Sheffield, Sutton-In-Ashfield, Wakefield, Worksop and York.

Jay R.Smith Manufacturing Company specializes in the manufacture of drains and commercial plumbing products for over 80 years.

Jay R.Smith Manufacturing Company    United States
Jay R.Smith Manufacturing Company specializes in the manufacture of drains and commercial plumbing products for over 80 years. They offer products like close supports, lavatory and sink support, roof drains, floor drains, sanitary floor area, cleanouts and access covers, water hammer arresters, hydrants, swimming pool fittings, backwater valves and traps, interceptors, carbon steel products.

Gridiron S.p.A is a manufacturer of gratings and drain channels with grids, fencing, and manholes since 1979.

Gridiron S.p.A    Italy
Gridiron S.p.A specializes in producing gratings and drain channels with grids, fencing, and manholes. They offer products such as forge welded gratings, pressure locked gratings, extra non slip gratings, drain cover, antique finish grid, fencing of forge welded grating, fencing of pressure locked grating, standard banded stainless steel gratings, stainless steel drain channels and box drain channels, etc.

MJS Drain Repair and Cleaning Company in London is one of better known drain contractors in London area.

MJS Drainage   City of London  United Kingdom
MJS Drainage London provide all types of drain services like : Home Drain Services, Commercial Drain Services, Drain Descale Services, Drain Relining Services, Drain Installation Services, Drain Unblocking Services , Drain Clearing, Drain Cleaning, Drain Jetting Service, CCTV Drain Surveys Service, Drain Repair Service, Drain Tracing Service, Drain Asset Mapping Service, Preventative Drain Maintenance Service, MultiSite Specialists Drain Service, Drain Pressure Jetting Service.\r\n

Mesa Rubber Company manufactures aboveground storage products since 1967.

Mesa Rubber Company    United States
Mesa Rubber Company specializes in manufacturing aboveground storage products. Mesa Rubber Company is a division of Mesa Industries Inc. Few of the company products include storage tank drain hoses, tank drains, skimmer systems, floating roof seal systems, primary and secondary seal fabrics, wedge seals, wiper tips, gauge pole covers, roof leg boots, vapor bladders, foam delivery systems, pillow tanks, etc. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

American Wick Drain Corporation is a producer of full-line prefabricated soil sheet and strip drain material, since 1982.

American Wick Drain Corporation   Monroe  United States
American Wick Drain Corporation designs, manufactures and markets materials for subsurface drainage applications. American Wick Drain Corporation provides products to meet the applications of both residential and commercial users. American Wick Drain Corporation manufactures products like Amerdrain sheet drain, Akwadraintm strip drain, Amerdrain Total-Draintm combination drain, Amerdrain wick drain, Amergreen roof garden system, Exceldrain turf drain, and cedar shingle vent.

Beckson Marine Inc specializes in providing information for marine equipment and accessories for more than 50 years.

Beckson Marine Inc   Bridgeport  United States
Beckson Marine Inc provides information for marine equipment and accessories. They offer special products include bronze and silver opening port specials, ventilation specials, soft plastic specials, cover plates etc. , Their products include pumps, ports, deck plates, drain plugs, deck hatches, fasteners, glass, cup, can, bottle, etc.

Frigid Fluid Co is a distributor of variety of products for funeral homes and cemeteries through online since 1892.

Frigid Fluid Co   Northlake  United States
Frigid Fluid Co specializes in distributing variety of products for funeral homes and cemeteries through online. Their products include embalming fluids, cosmetics brushes, drains, adapters, scalpels, needles, scissors, gloves, body bags, cards and bags, candles, etc.

BLOBEL Environmental Engineering LLC manufactures and supplies manual and automatic doorway spill barriers since 1991.

BLOBEL Environmental Engineering LLC    Germany
BLOBEL Environmental Engineering LLC specializes in producing and distributing manual and automatic doorway spill barriers. Their product includes retention barriers spill control, flood prevention, stromwater drain covers, spare parts, etc. supplies drain baskets/ floor drain strainers for the food service industry.    United States specializes in distributing wide range of drain baskets and floor drain strainers for the food service industry. The company is a member of California Restaurant Association and National Restaurant Association. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000.