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Creative Printing and Marketing develops, and manufactures radiation detection equipments.

Creative Printing and Marketing   Parsippany  United States
Creative Printing and Marketing distributes, and manufactures radiation detection equipments. They are specialized in products such as electronic dosimeter, and dosimeter systems, area monitors, and accessories, and quartz fiber dosimeter. They are certified by ISO 9001.

Far West Technology Inc manufactures radiation measuring products since 1971.

Far West Technology Inc    United States
Far West Technology Inc specializes in manufacturing radiation measuring devices for the nuclear, physics, medical, and materials fields. Their products include dosimetry products, health physics instruments, detectors, LET and ion, etc. Their products are used to measure penetrating radiation, gamma, beta, alpha, neutron, and x ray. .

Arrow Tech Inc is a distributor of detection equipments since 1996.

Arrow Tech Inc    United States
Arrow Tech Inc specializes in distributing detection equipments. The company has ISO 9001:2000 certification. Their products include pocket dosimeter, electronic dosimeter, chargers, survey meters, pocket survey meters, etc.

Clarke Analytical Instruments Inc supplies detection instruments for more than 10 years.

Clarke Analytical Instruments Inc    United States
Clarke Analytical Instruments Inc supplies detection instruments for environmental, health and safety industry. The company products include gas chromatograph, organic vapor analyzer, noise dosimeter, particulate monitors, calibration gases, anemometer, etc.

Quest Technologies Inc supplies industrial hygiene instruments.

Quest Technologies Inc    United States
Quest Technologies Inc specializes in supplying industrial hygiene instruments. Few of their products include audiometric equipments, noise dosimeters, sound level meters, vibration monitors, gas detection monitors, indoor air quality monitors, heat stress monitors, and thermal environment monitors. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025 standards.

Direct Scientific provides nuclear instrumentation, shielding, and accessories.

Direct Scientific    United States
Direct Scientific serves for health physics, medical physics, and nuclear medicine. They are specialized in air sampling, softwares, ludlum, dosimetry, shielding, vacuum, and filters.

Instrument Depot distributes gas detector tubes, calibration gases, and environmental instrument products.

Instrument Depot    ,,
Instrument Depot specializes in supplying gas detector tubes, calibration gases, and environmental instruments. Their product includes gases and gas mixtures, calibrators, sound level meters, noise dosimeters, smoke generator, etc.

Automess GmbH specializes in the development, production and manufacture of measuring equipments and systems since 1970.

Automess GmbH    United Kingdom
Automess GmbH specializes in the development, production and manufacture of measuring equipments and systems. They offer products like dose rate meter 6150 ad and accessories, other dose rate meters, dose rate warning devices, personal dosimeters, systems, accessories, data acquisition systems, radiation quatities and units.

PCB Group Inc manufactures electrical transducers and process control instruments.

PCB Group Inc   Napa  United States
PCB Group Inc specializes in manufacturing various process control instruments. Their products include preamplifiers, microphone adaptors, air condenser microphones, signal generator, dosimeters, calibrators, etc., The company also calibration and repairing services.

Levitt-Safety Limited is a service provider, which provides purchasing solutions for fire, safety, and environment needs.

Levitt-Safety Limited    Canada
Levitt-Safety Limited specializes in providing sales, service of safety equipment, fire protection, suppression systems, industrial and environmental instrumentation, and emergency first aid. Their products include sqwincher, biosystems toxi visions, etc.