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Exon Intron Inc is a service provider, which offers biotechnology education services for scientists for more than 18 years.

Exon Intron Inc   Loganville  United States
Exon Intron Inc specializes in providing biotechnology education services for scientists. Their workshops include recombinant DNA methodology, quantitative RNA techniques, polymerase chain reaction methodology, custom workshops, new gene discovery, etc.

DNA Sequencing specializes in providing automated DNA sequencing services.

DNA Sequencing    United States
DNA Sequencing is a service provider, which offers automated DNA sequencing services to the university, commercial and government customers. Their DNA sequencing is performed by molecular biologists using ABI Prism 377 and ABI Prism 3700 and ABI Prism 3730 DNA sequencers.

Dimension Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer of 2D or 3D switchable displays.

Dimension Technologies Inc.    United States
Dimension Technologies Inc. manufactures 2D or 3D switchable desktop displays, develops and patents technologies to flat panel companies for seamless and inexpensive integration with any size flat panels to produce highly differentiated display products and the technologies include real depth 3D and projection TV technologies.

Biogenetic Services Inc is a service provider, which offers DNA analyses and DNA molecular marker screening services since 1988.

Biogenetic Services Inc    United States
Biogenetic Services Inc specializes in providing DNA analyses and DNA molecular marker screening services. Their testing services include isozyme purity testing, isozyme genotyping, DNA GMO testing, genotyping, etc.

Identigene Inc specializes in providing DNA testing services since 1993.

Identigene Inc    United States
Identigene Inc is a service provider, which specializes in providing DNA testing services including paternity tests, immigration DNA testing, forensic DNA testing and mouse genotyping services.

Oxford Ancestors Ltd offers precision of DNA-based genetics for use in genealogy.

Oxford Ancestors Ltd    United Kingdom
Oxford Ancestors Ltd specializes in providing precision of modern DNA-based genetics. The company offers services in maternal, parental services.

Investigen Inc develops DNA testing products since 1998.

Investigen Inc    United States
Investigen Inc specializes in developing DNA testing products. Their products includes smartDNA kits, DNA extraction kits which includes plant DNA extraction, food DNA extraction, laboratory plastics.

Genisphere Inc specializes in providing signal amplification products.

Genisphere Inc   Hatfield  United States
Genisphere Inc specializes in supplying variety of signal amplification products for nucleic acid and protein assays based on patented 3DNA dendrimer technology.

Hong Kong DNA Chips Limited produces DNA based products since 1999.

Hong Kong DNA Chips Limited   Shau Kei Wan  Hong Kong
Hong Kong DNA Chips Limited specializes in manufacturing wide range of DNA based products. Their products include clinical diagnostic kits, veterinary diagnostic kits, food molecular testing kits, nucleic acid extraction kits for food, etc.

Integrated DNA Technologies manufactures variety of molecular biology products since 1987.

Integrated DNA Technologies   Coralville  United States
Integrated DNA Technologies specializes in developing variety of molecular biology products. Their product includes DNA synthesis, gene construction, antisense oligos, molecular beacons, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.