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Marsons Electrical Industries is a manufacturer of power and distribution transformers since 1973.

Marsons Electrical Industries   Agra  India
Marsons Electrical Industries specializes in manufacturing power and distribution transformers. Their products include power transformers, distribution transformers, special application transformers, etc.

AFP Transformers LLC designs and manufactures transformer since 1992.

AFP Transformers LLC    United States
AFP Transformers LLC specializes in designing and manufacturing transformer. Their products include reactors, inductors, chokes, speciality transformers, custom transformers, phase shifting transformers, neutral grounding transformers, autotransformers, rectifier transformers, etc.

Instrument Transformers Limited specializes in the field of power measurement and protection since 1973.

Instrument Transformers Limited   East Kilbride  United Kingdom
Instrument Transformers Limited specializes in the field of power measurement and protection. They offer products like r type, m type, rect, introduction protection transfer, r type prototype, m type prototype, indoor transformer, outdoor transformer.

Acme Transformers Corporation    United States
Acme Transformers Corporation is a distributor of power transformer models and the products include phase converters, frequency converter, GE, baldor, weg electric motors, three phase generators, about three phase converters, 3 phase, baldor motors, weg motors, variable frequency drives.

Kuhlman Electric Corporation designs and manufactures electrical transformers.

Kuhlman Electric Corporation    United States
Kuhlman Electric Corporation specializes in the manufacture of electrical transformers. They offer products like distribution transformers, electrical busbar systems, instrument transformers, large power transformers, medium power transformers, mobile substations, etc.

ARW Transformers designs and manufactures variety of transformers since 1941.

ARW Transformers    ,,
ARW Transformers specializes in designing and manuafcturing wide range of transformers in the fields such as electronics, instrumentation, lighting, electrical control, power distribution, petroleum and mining.

AVO Power Services Inc offers field services for power transformers and circuit breakers since 1983.

AVO Power Services Inc    United States
AVO Power Services Inc is a service provider, which repairs and maintains power transformers, substation transformers, regulating transformers, furnace transformers distribution transformers, etc.

Ames Impex Electricals Pvt Ltd manufactures various dry type transformers and distributes various transformers.

Ames Impex Electricals Pvt Ltd   Ahmedabad  India
Ames Impex Electricals Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing cast resin, dry type resin imp regnated transformers and distributes transformers, rectifying transformers, high current transformer, single phase transformer, dual ratio substations. Their manufacturing products include cast resin transformers, dry type transformers, oil cooled transformers, unitised substation, shunt and series reactor, etc.

AC Transformer Corporation manufactures power transformers since 1949.

AC Transformer Corporation    United States
AC Transformer Corporation specializes in manufacturing power transformers. Their products include electrical transformers, dry type transformers, power transformers, auto transformers, high voltage transformers, low voltage transformers, constant voltage transformers. Their services include repair and replacement of transformer parts.

We are a leading electrical power manufacturing, integrating, sourcing, and trading company. We specialize in diesel generator sets, high-voltage power transformers, and power distribution substation industries.   Ningbo  0
China Transpowers Electric Co., Limited a leading electrical power manufacturing, integrating, sourcing, and trading company.\r\n\r\nCompany mainly specializes in diesel generator sets, high-voltage power transformers, and power distribution substation industries.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes hydro turbine generator units, diesel generator set, oil-immersed power and distribution transformers, dry type power transformer, distribution transformer, furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, special transformers, HV and LV switchgear, gas insulated switchgear, power cables and other auxiliary electrical equipments.\r\n\r\nChina Transpowers Electric Co., Limited maintains a management system which fulfils the requirements of GB/T 19001-2008 idt ISO 9001:2000 standard.\r\n