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Alpha Omega Instruments Corp manufactures measuring products, which are used for semiconductor processing, high purity gas production, etc.

Alpha Omega Instruments Corp    United States
Alpha Omega Instruments Corp specializes in manufacturing measuring products like trace oxygen analyzers, percent oxygen analyzers, safetymonitors, carbon dioxide analyzers, custom systems, carbon dioxide analyzers, etc.

Lamotte Company is a service provider specializing in providing equipment and guidance for water analysis since 1919.

Lamotte Company    United States
Lamotte Company is a service provider specializing in providing equipment and guidance for water analysis. They offer a wide range of products like portable turbidity meters, science tour, tri meters, water treatment demonstration outfit, macrolens, dissolved oxygen tracer, plankton nets, kick net, etc.

Milwaukee is a manufacturer of electrochemical measuring instruments for commercial purpose.

Milwaukee    Italy
Milwaukee specializes in manufacturing and supplying various electrochemical measuring instruments for food and beverage, environmental, education and government, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, chemical, agriculture industries. Few of their products are sharp waterproof EC/TDS meters, smart pH/ORP/temp meter, sharp waterproof EC/TDS meters, sharp pH meters, smart pH monitors, smart dissolved oxygen meter, turbidity meter, etc.

Geo Scientific Ltd distributes Watershed Monitoring Instrumentation and Global Positioning Systems.

Geo Scientific Ltd   Vancouver  Canada
Geo Scientific Ltd offers data loggers, data logger sensors, water quality meters, flow and current meters, sampling instruments, ground water instruments, and GPS and provides solutions for hydrology, hydrogeology and meteorology monitor needs.

App Chem Ltd is a manufacturer of water analysis test kit products.

App Chem Ltd    United Kingdom
App Chem Ltd specializes in manufacturing water analysis test kits for use in areas where water needs to be monitored. Their products include colorimetric tests, titrimetric tests, electronic tests, microbiological tests, etc.

Enviro Equipment Inc distributes environmental products for detection of air, water, and soil contamination and weapons of mass destruction.

Enviro Equipment Inc    United States
Enviro Equipment Inc specializes in supplying environmental products for detection of air, water, and soil contamination and weapons of mass destruction. They also sells and rents ground water pumps, water quality meters, gas meters, organic vapor analyzers, radiation monitors, indoor air quality meters, moisture meters, noise dosimeters, sound level meters, air sampling pumps, pipe and cable locators, and remediation pilot test units.

Rickly Hydrological Company manufactures and distributes hydrological instrumentation equipments for more than 75 years.

Rickly Hydrological Company    United States
Rickly Hydrological Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying various hydrological instrumentation equipments including stream gaging instruments, surveying equipment, sample analysis instruments, water quality instruments, gaging station accessories, stream gaging accessories, stage measurement, meteorological instruments, etc. Few of their products are sounding reels, wading rods, ice meter gaging, bridge board, cranes, total stations, prisms and targets, sokkia tripods, laser rangefinders, altimeters, dissolved oxygen probe, turbidity sensor, mini sieve, screen sieve set, ASTM testing sieves, binoculars, flashlights, batteries, generators, thermometers, waders, etc. Their services include instrument repair, testing and calibration, engineering services, handbooks and publications, etc

Durkin Incorporated provides with instrumentation, Control, and industrial plant floor data collection since 1958.

Durkin Incorporated    United States
Durkin Incorporated products include flow meters, magnetic, vortex, swirl, wedge, mass and rotameters like controllers- recorders-analog, video: transmitters- pressure, temperature, flow, level ph, orp, conductivity: water analyzers-silica, sodium, dissolved oxygen, ammonia, flouride, nitrate, phosphate, etc. Durkin Incorporated provide services like calibration, repairs, etc.

Coastal Leasing Inc manufactures and supply instrumentation for lease or lease purchase from other manufacturers since 1978.

Coastal Leasing Inc   Cambridge  United States
Coastal Leasing Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying instrumentation for lease or lease purchase from other manufacturers. The product includes macroseries, sensors, software, hardware, RD instruments, etc.

Century Products Inc supplies variety of drilling products since 1982.

Century Products Inc   Sussex  United States
Century Products Inc specializes in distributing wide range of environmental drilling products. Their products include tri cone bits, century hole openers, split bit hole openers, starter rods and collars, rod wipers, tong wrenches, breakout jaws, bolts, etc., The company also offers testing equipments for detection and remediation of environmental problems.