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Woman-Owned Small Business Electronics Components Stocking Distributor of Discrete Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Passive Components

SM Electronics   West Melbourne  United States
A specialized franchised stocking distributor of discrete semiconductors, optoelectronics and passive components with over twenty-three years of experience.

Lorch Microwave supplies microwave components and sub systems.

Lorch Microwave   Salisbury  United States
Lorch Microwave specializes in supplying microwave components and sub systems for electronics and communications industry. Their products include ceramic filters, tubular filters, waveguide filters, discrete filters, cavity filters, etc.

BI Technologies is a manufacturer of variety of electronic components for more than 50 years.

BI Technologies    ,,
BI Technologies specializes in manufacturing variety of electronic components. Their products include magnetic components, microcircuits modules, passive networks and discrete, power resistors, panel potentiometers, sensors, switches, etc.

KKB and Company is a manufacturer representative for electronic products since 1931.

KKB and Company    United States
KKB and Company specializes in providing electronic products. Their products include boxes, audio signals, discrete components, relays, wire, cable, cords, switches, inductors, capacitors, connectors, transformers, sensors, etc.

Altech Environment USA specializes in providing multi component continuous emission monitoring systems since 1989.

Altech Environment USA    United States
Altech Environment USA specializes in providing multi component continuous emission monitoring systems since 1989. Their products include discrete dilution or direct extractive systems, custom cems, firemon, process monitoring, engine testing, and ambient monitoring.

Creative Precision Inc manufacturing technology components and assemblies for more than 32 years.

Creative Precision Inc    United States
Creative Precision Inc manufactures precision discrete components and assemblies to the Aerospace, Military, Electron Beam and Medical Industries. Their customer base includes Companies such as Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell, Synthes, FEI Beam Technology and many others. Creative Precision Inc meets the requirements of ISO 9002, Boeing D1-9000 and SAE AS-9100 standards.

SanRex Corporation manufactures electronic components and equipments since 1983.

SanRex Corporation   Port Washington  United States
SanRex Corporation specializes in manufacturing electronic components and equipments. Their products include discrete power semiconductors, power modules, cutting or welding machines, inverters, rectifiers, power supplies, and electronic ballasts.

Certified Components Group, Inc is an electronics distributor for over 20 years.

Certified Components Group, Inc    United States
Certified Components Group, Inc specializes in distributing electronics components. Their product line include memory products which include DRAM, SRAM, module, logic, microprocessors which includes controller, risc, co processor, discretes which includes transistor, diode, passives which includes capacitor, resistor, potentiometer, and electrical which includes connector, plug, socketetc, etc., The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9001: 2000.

Diodes Inc manufactures and supplies discrete and analog semiconductor components since 1966.

Diodes Inc   Westlake Village  United States
Diodes Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying various discrete and analog semiconductor components. The company is quality certified to ISO 9000 and QS 9000. Their products include small signal transistors and MOSFETs, transient voltage suppressors, zeners, schottkys, diodes, rectifiers and bridges available in popular axial and surface mount packages.

Microwave Filter Company Inc manufactures passive electronic filter products since 1967.

Microwave Filter Company Inc    United States
Microwave Filter Company Inc specializes in developing passive electronic filter products. Their product includes discrete element filters, cavity bandpass filters, satellite filters, duplexers, etc.