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Eisenhower Center Inc develops training program for people with cerebral palsy since 1950.

Eisenhower Center Inc    United States
Eisenhower Center Inc specializes in developing training program for people with cerebral palsy. They serve adults with cerebral palsy, neurological disorders or other developmental disabilities by providing job training and therapy services. Their services include case management or social services, vocational education, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, etc.

Gateway Industries provides rehabilitative services for disabled or handicapped persons.

Gateway Industries    United States
Gateway Industries is a service provider, which specializes in providing rehabilitative services for persons who are physically or mentally disabled.

Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation specializes in assisting individuals with disabilities to gain employment, retain employment and to live independently.

Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation   Madison  United States
Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation offers planning and assistance services for the persons with disability. Their services include special disability programs, disability determination services, etc. Their human resource department offers personnel management, payroll and public information. The individual are involved in performing activities like collating and sorting, packaging and handling, assembly work, product reworking, product reclamation, grounds maintenance, housekeeping, etc.

Corporation for Independent Living provides service to create small residences for people with disabilities since 1979.

Corporation for Independent Living    United States
Corporation for Independent Living specializes in providing service to create small residences for people with disabilities. Their service includes community housing for people with developmental disabilities, accessible homes for people with physical disabilities, affordable multifamily housing, etc.

OMRDD provides service for the prevention and early detection of mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

OMRDD    United States
OMRDD specializes in offering service for the prevention and early detection of mental retardation and developmental disabilities including care, treatment, habilitation and rehabilitation of their citizens with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. Their service includes counseling, crisis intervention, family support services, respite services, residential services, parent advocacy and training, etc.

St.Josephs Health Care London is a healthcare centre which specializes in providing healthcare services for the sick and disabled since 1869.

St.Josephs Health Care London   London  Canada
St.Josephs Health Care London is a healthcare centre which offers health services for sick people. The health care consists of St.Josephs hospital, Parkwood hospital, Mount hope centre for long term care, St.Josephs family medical and dental centre, Southwestern rehabilitation. They provide services like assessments, research, and health materials management services, etc.

Endorphin Corp manufactures fitness and physical rehabilitation equipments for more than 20 years.

Endorphin Corp    United States
Endorphin Corp specializes in engineering and designing fitness and physical rehabilitation equipments.

Kent Sussex Industries Inc provides rehabilitation and employment services for disabled individuals since 1962.

Kent Sussex Industries Inc    United States
Kent Sussex Industries Inc specializes in providing rehabilitation and employment services. The company also offers contract production services including labeling, collating, counting, folding, ticketing, stuffing, bundling, taping, hot gluing, strapping, sewing, etc.

Black Hills Workshop provides services to disabled adults and brain injuries. The company was establishment in 1958.

Black Hills Workshop    United States
Black Hills Workshop is a service provider, specializes in serving adults with disabilities and brain injuries. The company also remanufactures ink jet and supplies laser printers. Their services also include assembling and packaging.

Gateway Community Industries Inc provides services for rehabilitation and training centers for people with mental and physical disabilities since 1957.

Gateway Community Industries Inc    United States
Gateway Community Industries Inc serves for peoples. Their services include vocational evaluation, job training, job placement, vocational work center employment, supported employment, psychiatric rehabilitation, and continuing day treatments. Their other services are food service management, custom cleaning, ever clean floor care, contract assembly, and packaging