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Lumex Inc manufactures and supplies LED displays and other electronic components for more than 25 years.

Lumex Inc    United States
Lumex Inc specializes in manufacturing and supplying various opto-electronic components. Their products include LED backlights, LED indicators, LED displays, light pipes, LED switches, infrared, gas tubes, etc.

We specialize in industrial electronic repairs and replacement parts.   Hamilton  0
Duke Industrial Electronic Repair is a global leader in industrial electronic repairs and replacement parts. Name the make, model and manufacturer of your industrial equipment or component and repair it. The company do Other Things such as Industrial Automation, Programming and SCADA System Setup & Maintenance .\r\n\r\nThe company Industrial Equipment Repairs includes AC/DC Drives, Servo Motors, Motor Controls, Motion Controls, Distributed Control Systems, PLC & IO, SCADA Systems, HMI/Operator Interface Devices, Field Devices, Process Controls, Valve Controls, Actuators and Safety Devices.

J.R.Electronics is a distributor of variety of electronic components and products for various applications for more than 10 years.

J.R.Electronics   Santee  United States
J.R.Electronics specializes in distributing variety of electronic components and products for various applications. Their products include barrier strips, cable, capacitors, circuit breakers, connectors, power cords, crystals, diodes, rectifiers, resistors, fans, shrink tubing, speakers, switches, etc.

Aeroflex Metelics   Sunnyvale  United States
Aeroflex Metelics supplies diode products for commercial wireless, defense, space and broadband industries. Their products include schottky diodes, PIN diodes, tunnel diodes, step recovery diodes, varactor diodes, sampling phase detectors, surface mount products, MIS capacitors, HP replacements, etc.

Hamamatsu Corporation specializes in manufacturing optical sensors, photomultiplier tubes, and other optical devices since 1953.

Hamamatsu Corporation   Iwata  Japan
Hamamatsu Corporation manufactures optical sensors, photomultiplier tubes, and other optical devices. Their products include color sensors, uv spot light source, bio imaging equipment, position sensitive diodes, microfocus x-ray source, cw laser diodes, semiconductor failure analysis, silicon avalanche photodiodes, pulsed laser diodes, laser and fiber optic measurements, optical communciation devices, etc.

LXO Enterprises supplies obsolete and electronic components and communications spares for more than 20 years.

LXO Enterprises    United States
LXO Enterprises specialize in supplying obsolete and electronic components and communications spares. Their products include batteries, connectors, electron tubes, fiber optics, rebuild services, rf transistors, semiconductors, thermoelectrics.

American Epoxy and Metal Inc distributes various shaped thermoset plastics since 1990.

American Epoxy and Metal Inc   Bronx  United States
American Epoxy and Metal Inc specializes in distributing wide range of thermoset plastics for electronic and mechanical applications. Their products include encapsulating cases, cups, tubes, headers and bobbins, etc.

Diodes Inc manufactures discrete and analog semiconductors.

Diodes Inc    United States
Diodes Inc specializes in manufacturing discrete and analog semiconductors. Few of their products include Schottky diodes and rectifiers, switching diodes, Zener diodes, transient voltage suppressors, etc. The company has been certified with QS 9000, ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 14001 standards.

Coherent Inc produces laser systems and components to laser measurement, control products and precision optics since 1966.

Coherent Inc   Santa Clara  United States
Coherent Inc specializes in producing and researching laser systems and components to laser measurement, control products and precision optics. Their products include microelectronics which includes semiconductor test and measurement, flat panel display manufacturing, and advanced packaging, scientific research and government programs, materials processing, OEM components and instrumentation which includes areas in biotechnology, medical imaging and treatment, and graphic arts and display.

Dielectric Sealing Service, Inc. serves the R. F. (Radio Frequency) heat sealing industry since 1979.

Dielectric Sealing Service Inc.   Villapark  United States
Dielectric Sealing Service Inc. provide with hall dielectric and thermatron parts along with R. F. heat sealing machine parts, capacitors, resistors, transformers, new and rebuilt tubes, etc. The company also provide services for hall dielectric machinery like Thermatron, Faratron, Callanan, etc.