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Century Instrument Company is a manufacturer of automatic diaphragm valves, diaphragm control valves, self operated temperature valves since 1950.

Century Instrument Company   Livonia  United States
Century Instrument Company is manufactures control valves and instrumentation for all sectors of industry requiring control of fluids or vapors is it water, steam, corrosive chemicals or sanitary fluids. The company uses only those materials or suppliers that meet ASA, ASTM standards.

Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing industrial valves.

Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd    India
Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd manufactures industrial valves like pilot operated liquid control valve, safety relief valve, pressure reducing valve, gas regulator, knife edge gate valve, jacketed valves, forged steel valves, sight glass and sight flow indicator, ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, pulp valve, lubricated plug valve, pinch valve, diaphragm valve, flush bottom valve, etc.

DKM manufactures diaphragm pumps since 1958.

DKM    France
DKM specializes in producing diaphragm pumps. Their product includes double diaphragm shock absorber, diaphragm leakage detector, reversible check valves, magnetic check valves, calibration pot, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Engineered Valves designs and constructs valve products.

Engineered Valves    United States
Engineered Valves specializes in designing and manufacturing valve products. The company product includes fabricated valves, burner shutoff valves, cam line ball valves, dia flo diaphragm valves, cam tite ball valves, etc.

Amco Industrial Valves is engaged in the manufacture of valves and cocks.

Amco Industrial Valves    India
Amco Industrial Valves manufacture valves of all types for a wide spectrum of users in the process and chemical, refineries and petrochemicals, fertilizers, drugs and pharmaceuticals, and many more. Amco Industrial Valves products are ball valves, butterfly valves, wafer check valves, knife edge gate valves, cast steel valves, diaphragm valves, etc.

OCV Control Valves specializes in designing and manufacturing control valves for over 50 years.

OCV Control Valves   Tulsa  United States
OCV Control Valves specializes in designing and manufacturing control valves for over 50 years. Their products include check valves, pressure relief valves, differential control valves, solenoid control valves, pump control valves, pump commander rate of flow valves. pressure reducing valves, digital electronic control valves, float controlled valves, special applications valves, fuel filtration control valves, pump discharge control valves, etc., The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Gemu Valves Inc manufactures, and distributes diaphragm valves since 1960. They are located in Ingelfingen-Criesbach, in the Hohenlohe region of Germany.

Gemu Valves Inc    ,,
Gemu Valves Inc manufactures valves, actuators, and control systems. Their products are manufactured for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, water treatment, filtration, and other applications. They are specialized for manufacturing biotech valves, high purity valves, industrial valves, butterfly valves, seat, globe valves, and solenoid valves

SVF Flow Controls Inc manufactures ball valve components.

SVF Flow Controls Inc    United States
SVF Flow Controls Inc specializes in manufacturing ball valve components. The company products include valve components, valve seat, valve seal, etc.

Flowtech Div Inc is a manufacturer of variety of pumps and valves for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical industries since 1984.

Flowtech Div Inc    United States
Flowtech Div Inc specializes in manufacturing variety of pumps and valves for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical industries. Their products include labtop integrated pump system, unibloc PD lobe pumps, weir less diaphragm valves, 46 pressure relief valve, 34 check valves, 43 butterfly valve, 33 sampling valve, etc.

Hawavalves manufactures and exports valves.

Hawavalves   Navi Mumbai  India
Hawavalves specializes in manufacturing and exporting valves for oil and gas, offshore, petrochemical, power, marine and general industries. Few of their products include ball valves, gate valves, check valves, globe valves, solenoid valves, forged valves, control valves, bellow seal valves, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.