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Hakko Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of forged tools since 1952.

Hakko Corporation   Valencia  United States
Hakko Corporation specializes in producing and supplying forged tools. They also produce irons and related equipments. They offer products such as rework and desoldering tools, cutting tool, dipliner, Hakko hexsol, Hakko paste, smoke absorber and static control, heating gun, heating machine, glue gun, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Malcom Company Inc. manufactures the MCH-100 battery powered heat gun.

Malcom Company Inc.   Calabasas  United States
Malcom Company Inc. products include battery powered heat gun kit, weldy PIC heat gun kit, weldy pro heat gun kit, weldy plus heat gun kit, plastic welding kit, canoe and kayak plastic repair kit, shrinking and soldering kit, etc.

EasyBraid Co. is a manufacturer of desolder wick continuing advancement in desoldering technology since 1989.

EasyBraid Co.    United States
EasyBraid Co. products include desoldering braid, inspection systems, stencil rolls, wipes, chemicals, solder soakers and swabs. The company`s wick products are made using ultra fine, oxide free copper braided into a weave configuration which maximizes thermal conduction and solder retention.

Edsyn Inc manufactures soldering, desoldering, and SMT products since 1961.

Edsyn Inc    ,,
Edsyn Inc specializes in producing soldering, desoldering, and SMT products. Their product includes MCS100 master control system, vacuum generators, fume extractor fans, SMT crib notes, 971 modular series, etc.

Assembly Outfitters is a distributor of electronic soldering, desoldering, and rework products.

Assembly Outfitters    United States
Assembly Outfitters specializes in distributing electronic soldering, desoldering, and rework products. Their products include replacement irons, soldering irons, soldering tips, wrist and heel straps, ESD testing devices, ESD table and floor mats, etc.

BB Guns specializes in design, manufacturing and marketing pistols and machine guns in the United States for more than thirty years.

BB Guns    United Kingdom
BB Guns designs, manufactures and markets pistols and machine guns in the United States. Their products include mini air soft BB gun, walther p99 BB gun, beretta BB gun, powa BB refill BB gun pellets, air soft BB gun safety glasses, etc.

PDR manufactures focused infra-red rework systems since 1985.

PDR    United States
PDR specializes in manufacturing focused infra-red rework systems. Few of their products include PDR IR-X410, PDR IR-X110, PDR IR-3210 MPR, PDR IR-3200 MPR, etc.

Buysell Guns specializes in buying and selling guns to the sport of shooting and related items.

Buysell Guns    United States
Buysell Guns is a online gun classifieds site for buy and sell guns to the sport of shooting and related items. They offer a forum for the listing of all legal firearms, accessories and other related gear. Their site is designed as a place where users can buy guns or sell guns, gun accessories and all other related hunting and outdoor gear. Their products include handguns, revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns, reloading equipment, ammunition, black powder guns, archery equipment that includes bows and related bow hunting accessories, outdoor equipment, hunting equipment and hunting gear, air rifles, air pistols and paintball guns and paintball accessories.

Finish Systems provides variety of paint spray equipment and their related parts since 1988.

Finish Systems   New Berlin  United States
Finish Systems specializes in supplying various paint spray equipment and their related parts including spray guns, pressure pots, pumps, spray booths, etc.

Earth Products Inc is a distributor of variety of rubber band guns and shooters through online since 1984.

Earth Products Inc   Arlington  United States
Earth Products Inc specializes in distributing variety of rubber band guns and shooters through online. Their products include mini AK47, AR-16, target, pistol, runt rifle, the bush rifle, auto mag, carbine JR, hogleg, M-12, double mag JR, etc.