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Advanced Deburring and Finishing manufactures and distributes surface preparation and finishing equipment and supplies for more than 23 years.

Advanced Deburring and Finishing    United States
Advanced Deburring and Finishing specializes in producing and supplying surface preparation and finishing equipment and supplies. Their product includes precision cleaning and deburring equipment, and products like glass beads, aluminum oxide, ceramic media, plastic media, etc.

Brandon Industries manufactures vibratory deburring and finishing machines.

Brandon Industries   Saginaw  United States
Brandon Industries specializes in manufacturing wide range of vibratory deburring and finishing machines. Their sizes range from a self contained or portable 3/4 cubic foot machine to 60 cubic foot continuous model with a separator. They also service and repair vibratory equipments.

Rmb Machine Tool Division specializes in manufacturing tube and bar deburring, machines, tube/bar end facing and chamfering machines.

Rmb Machine Tool Division    United Kingdom
Rmb Machine Tool Division manufactures tube/bar deburring, machines, tube/bar end facing and chamfering machines. They also provide tube handling and packaging systems. Their products include aburrmaster models, single head manual machine, twin head automatic, staggered head models, atubemaster models, aguilopres die and kiss cutting presses, armb cut-to-length presses, etc,

EFCO FINISHING CORP. offer metal finishing services, new and used equipment, and finishing supplies located in Butler, Wisconsin since 1945.

EFCO FINISHING CORP. provide metal finishing services along with services including vibratory deburing, tumble deburring, ball burnishing, grit blasting, glass bead shot blasting, wheelabrating, blast room blasting, paint removal, degreasing, anodizing, passivating, etc.

Provider of many cryogenic services including cryogenic treatment, deburring, and deflashing.

Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc.   Worcester  
Since 1996, the Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc. has been a provider of cryogenic services. These services include cryogenic treatment, deburring, deflashing, thermal cycling, cryogenic helium processing, cryogenic shrink fitting, cryogenic material separation & reclamation, cryogenic equipment sales, and cryogenic consulting services.

Bel Air Finishing specializes in manufacturing and supplying Mass Finishing technology for more than 15 years.

Bel Air Finishing    United States
Bel Air Finishing manufactures and supplies of Mass Finishing technology. They offer precision finishing of parts for jewelry manufacturing, industrial machined parts, cast and molded parts, electronic stamped and extruded parts and delicate parts for medical applications. Their products include mass finishing process technology, wastewater treatment equipment and precious metal recovery solutions. Their integrated turnkey system includes a precision finishing process, media compounds, equipment, clean finishing wastewater treatment management and training.

Kent Corporation specializes in the full line of equipment including, tube mill coil handling equipment and other consumable products for tube mill.

Kent Corporation    United States
Kent Corporation specializes in the full line of equipment including, tube mill coil handling equipment, coil end welders, strip accumulators, tube deburring machines. They offer products like vertical floor, horizontal h coil, vertical festoon, horizontal floop, horizontal loops, all day coil system, etc.

Commerce Welding and Manufacturing Co. Inc. designs, manufactures, and ships the metal products, mino saver products, fabricated metal products since 1945

Commerce Welding and Manufacturing Co. Inc.   Dallas  United States
Commerce Welding And Manufacturing Co. Inc. manufactures sheet metal department which are typically made of aluminum, brass, stainless steel or copper. Their various equipment tools includes punch presses, bandsaws, grinders, handtools, measurement and inspection tools, debur machines, cold saws, lathes, drill presses, and tapping equipment. After punching, products are typically grained for deburring and plating preparation.

Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems, LLC produces and supplies tube and pipe cutoff and endfinishing equipment.

Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems, LLC    United States
Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems, LLC products include rotary cutoffs, shear cutoffs, endfinishers, tube fabricating systems, flying cutoff systems, tube deburring machines, etc.

Midwest Finishing Systems Inc distributes deburring equipments and finishing products since 1991.

Midwest Finishing Systems Inc    United States