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We Specialize in manufacturing and selling of various inflatable rubber dam.\r\n   Hengshui  0
\"Zaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and seller of various inflatable rubber dam. The company offer automatic control system and accessories. Rubber dam is made of high strength canvas which is as the reinforced framework and synthetic rubber. It is fixed on reinforced concrete foundation using clamp plates and anchor bolts.\r\n\r\nThe company Product list includes Air Inflatable Rubber Dam, Water Inflatable Rubber Dam, Bookend Rubber Dam, Shield Type Rubber Dam, Spoiler Rubber Dam, Automatic Control System and Rubber Dam Accessories. It has good elasticity and tensile strength, also can be resistant to corrosion, abrasion, rust and aging. It is widely used to retain water, control flood, irrigation, power generation, raise existing dam, etc.\r\n\r\nZaoqiang Dacheng Rubber Co., Ltd. color of inflatable rubber dam could be black, blue, red, gray, purple, etc. Medium of inflatable rubber dam is air or water. According to installation method, inflatable rubber dam can be divided into single anchor rubber dam and double anchor rubber dam. Double anchor rubber dam includes pillow-like rubber dam and inclined rubber dam. The company has broad export market which is Australasia, America, Europe, Africa, etc. \"\r\n

ARQ Consulting Engineers is a service provider, which offers services in the engineering disciplines of dams, hydropower, bridges, and geotechnics since 1993.

ARQ Consulting Engineers    South Africa
ARQ Consulting Engineers specializes in providing services in the engineering disciplines of dams, hydropower, bridges, and geotechnics. Their services include aloe cove dam, beefcor pollution control berms, cine dam, community based construction, etc.

Poyry Plc provides integrated management consulting services.

Poyry Plc   Zurich  Switzerland
Poyry Plc is a service provider, which offers various management consulting services. Their services include business strategy, market entry studies, energy price projections, structure finance, emissions trading and carbon finance, etc.

BC Hydro produces and supplies electricity for commercial applications.

BC Hydro    Canada
BC Hydro specializes in producing electricity for commercial applications

Beaver Dam Decoys specializes in supplying decoys, carving and carving woods since 1980.

Beaver Dam Decoys    United States
Beaver Dam Decoys supplies decoys, carving and carving woods. Their products include decorative shorebirds, decorative decoys, decorative fish decoys, decorative water birds, decorative song birds, walking sticks, decorative birds of prey, etc.

Chemung Contracting Corp is a construction company and take over projects of highway, bridge, airport and dam throughout the Mid Atlantic region since 1936.

Chemung Contracting Corp    United States
Chemung Contracting Corp is the construction company and specializes in completing highway, bridge, airport and dam projects throughout the Mid Atlantic region.

We are a consulting engineering company specialize in the field of dams and hydropower engineering since 40 years.   Rome  0
Studio Pietrangeli is a consulting engineering company specializes in the field of dams and hydropower engineering since 40 years.\r\n\r\nServices offered by the firm includes all phases of a project and range from conception to monitoring during operation, including all the design activities, specialized studies, investigations, supervision of the works, and so on. \r\n\r\nCore activities of the company include dams and hydropower plants, large civil structures (tunnels, roads, etc.) and large hydraulic works (water supply systems, irrigation plants, ports, etc.), large civil structures (tunnels, roads, etc..) and large hydraulic works (water supply systems, irrigation plants, ports, etc..\r\n\r\nCompany has also designed all types of dams including arch, gravity, arch-gravity, buttress, earth fill, rock fill and concrete facing with bituminous.\r\n\r\nIn hydropower sector, company offers a full range of engineering services including design, construction, testing and operation of ITS plants with the help of engineering disciplines including civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, economists, environmental experts, etc.\r\n\r\nStudio Pietrangeli Company has completed around designs of 150 dams, 39 hydropower plants, 200 km of tunnels, 1100 km of roads, 50 irrigation, water supply and sewage treatment plants.\r\n

Dissolvo, LLC manufactures water soluble paper material for industrial applications since 1960.

Dissolvo, LLC    United States

EFCO Corp.    United States

Gears Inc offers mixing and placement construction services. The company was established in 1976.

Gears Inc   Crested Butte  United States
Gears Inc is a service provider, which offers construction services. The company products are Soil cement, cement treated base, soil bentonite, soil bentonite radon barriers, and roller compacted concrete.