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Drug Detection Laboratories is a distributor of instant result drug test kits since 1977.

Drug Detection Laboratories    ,,
Drug Detection Laboratories, a division of Truth Verification Laboratories, Inc specializes in distributing instant result drug test kits. Their products include quickscreen drug test kits, on site drug screening test kits. They also provide online ordering for their products.

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Women can get immediate access to safe, authentic, and best abortion pills shipped fast at The global shipping policy of this website helps women to order online abortion pills from anywhere at a very low cost.

Abortion Pills Rx   Denver  United States
At all high quality medicines that prevent and terminate pregnancy are made available online. People do not have to run to a local drug store to buy the tablets, as customers are being provided with the products at their doorstep. All the abortion pills available on this internet pharmacy are very safe and effective. The advantage of express shipping is also being provided by this site. When you buy abortion pills from this site, you are able to terminate your early pregnancy that is within 10 Weeks of gestation. As per the law, the administration of medicines may differ, either to be done in residence or hospital. is a website, which provides drug and alcohol testing kits.    United States specializes in providing drug and alcohol testing kits. Some of their testing kits are single substance test kit, cotinine smoke check test kit, three substance test kit, two substance test kit, etc.

Offer a wide variety of home and workplace test kits like urine, hair and\r\nsaliva drug testing kits, HIV testing kits, home testing kits for thyroid\r\n(TSH Tests) and prostate cancer (PSA Tests), home fertility tests (male\r\nsperm count tests or ovulation t

TestCountry   San Diego  United States
Drug testing employees at your workplace, drug testing your teenagers at home with a variety of home drug testing such hair or saliva drug tests, or testing for HIV AIDS virus, fertility (ovulation, pregnancy or male sperm count) should not be difficult, inconvenient and expensive. This is the reason why TestCountry started in 2001.\r\n\r\nAt we offer a wide variety of home and workplace test kits like urine, hair and saliva drug testing kits, HIV testing kits, home testing kits for thyroid (TSH Tests) and prostate cancer (PSA Tests), home fertility tests (male sperm count tests or ovulation tests), test kits for nicotine (tobacco), alcohol testing kits, even alcohol digital detectors and more.\r\n\r\nTestCountry home testing kits provide the accurate results you are looking for. Most of the test kits and testing services are either FDA approved, FDA cleared, CLIA Waived Drug Tests, done by a CLIA accredited laboratory or approved by a respectable organization or agency. All our tests are developed and manufactured by reputable companies in this industry so you don\t get inaccurate results for the critical things you

The ThinPrep provides Pap test, a screening test finds signs of cervical cancer, or cells that may turn into cancer cells in the future since 1996.

The ThinPrep   Marlborough  United States
The ThinPrep specializes in providing Pap test, a screening test finds signs of cervical cancer, or cells that may turn into cancer cells in the future. Their screening test is liquid-based cytology method approved by the FDA for detection of cervical abnormalities, Cervical Cancer screening.


BBI is an indigenous manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic test kits for Pregnancy, LH, Malaria-Pf/Pv Antibody, Dengue NS1, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and many more.\r\n\r\nBBI is an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and GMP Certified Company.

Envirologix specializes in manufacturing immunoassay diagnostic test kit for food production chain, from seed to plant to grain handling and processing since 1996.

Envirologix    United States
Envirologix specializes in manufacturing immunoassay diagnostic test kit for food production chain, from seed to plant to grain handling and processing. Their products include algal toxin test kit, gmo test kits, grain mycotoxin test kits, home mold test, mold and mycotoxin test kits, pesticide residue test kits, and pathogen test kits.

The scientists at Davis Laboratories are standing by to help you take the guesswork out of environmental testing. Call toll free (877) 453-2847 for more info.\r\n\r\n

Asbestos Test Kits | Davis Test Kits   Fort Lauderdale  United States
Mold, allergens, water, bacteria, radon, asbestos, lead and MRSA are among the most hazardous elements found in the home and work places potentially posing serious threats to health and well-being. We offer a comprehensive test kit for all of these hazards with laboratory analysis available within 24 hrs. Call toll free (877) 453-2847 for more info.

Leadinspector supplies lead testing kit.

Leadinspector    United States
Leadinspector specializes in supplying wide range of lead testing kits. The company also facilitates online ordering.