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We specialize in providing information station about pregnancy care, reproductive rights and abortion. Selling abortion pills and contraceptives at an affordable price.   Houston  0
Onlineabortionpillrx is an information station about pregnancy care, reproductive rights and abortion. You can even purchase abortion pills and contraceptives at an affordable price from Onlineabortionpillrx. The goals are to make every female aware about safe ways to terminate pregnancy, and help her choose quality drug online. The shipping services are deep rooted globally, and ship products to any part of the world.\r\n\r\nThe company product Abortion Pills includes MTP KIT (Abortion Pill), Abortion Pill Pack, Cytolog, Misoprostol, Mifepristone, Mifeprex and Generic RU 486. MTP Kit is for a woman seeking abortion, who is less than 63 days or 49 days pregnant. If they are between 4 to 10 weeks pregnant. The kit includes two main medications, Mifepristone and Misoprostol to empty pregnancy parts from womb. The pack also has three types of medicines (blood coagulant, antiemetic, and anti-inflammatory) that suppress the side effects.\r\n\r\nOnlineabortionpillrx provide for more than 20 countries, including Spain, Britain, France, U.S., former Soviet Union, and Scandinavia have reported successful medical pregnancy endings with this pill. The company provide Pregnancy termination and birth control information, FDA approved abortion pills at low cost, Protection and privacy to you and transactions, Efficient customer care, always on their toes, Fast shipping and discreet packaging and Special offers and regular discounts.

We specialize in manufacturing and producing reagents for the life sciences market.   Logan  0
ScyTek Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1991 with the goal of becoming a world class manufacturing company producing reagents for the life sciences market. From the beginning, nearly 100% of products were manufactured in-house and marketed through partner companies on an OEM/Private Label basis. Today, ScyTek produces a wide range of premium quality reagents in an ever increasing variety of disciplines including immunology, histology, cytology, microbiology and hematology. \r\n\r\nThe company product includes Enzyme ImmunoassayEnzyme Immunoassay , ImmunohistochemistryImmunohistochemistry , AntibodiesAntibodies , DNA Ploidy AnalysisDNA Ploidy Analysis , HistologyHistology , CytologyCytology , HematologyHematology , MicrobiologyMicrobiology and BuffersBuffers.\r\n\r\nMajor Product Lines Include, ELISA reagents including chromogenic substrates, conjugate stabilizers, blocking buffers, diluents, and wash buffers. Immunohistochemistry reagents including the SensiTek and UltraTek detection systems as well as both monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies. Histology reagents including numerous special stain kits, routine stains, fixatives, mounting media, rinse buffers and staining equipment. \r\n\r\nScyTek Laboratories, Inc. offers custom engineering on all of its products; including private labeling, packaging service, and drop ship service. All products manufactured by ScyTek are also available in bulk quantities for OEM / Private Label use.

Mill-Rose Labs Inc manufactures a complete line of medical brushes used for cytology sampling, cleaning and medical applications since 1977.

Mill-Rose Labs Inc    United States
Mill-Rose Labs Inc specializes in producing a complete line of medical brushes used for cytology sampling, cleaning and medical applications. Their product includes microbiology brushes, disposable cytology brushes, cleaning brushes, centrifuge brush, volumetric flask brush, beaker brush, etc.

We specialize in sales and service provider of research, medical, analytical & diagnostic instrumentation.   Yehud  0
Merkel Technologies Ltd are based near Tel Aviv, with extensive experience in sales & servicing of Research, Medical, Analytical & Diagnostic instrumentation.\r\n The company is experienced in installation, training, servicing & upgrading of complex instrumentation including optical alignment, application support, sample introduction systems including hydraulic, flow, pneumatic and motion controls as well as complex computer based acquisition/analysis workstations & software, include image analysis, cell identification based on fluorescent labelled antibodies and many other disciplines.\r\n\r\nThe routinely sell & service equipment throughout the Israeli research market, including all universities and research institutes. The company have a well established reputation, and long term relationships with all inter-disciplinary service units of research and academic institutes.\r\n The company also provide sales and support services to customers in Europe. The biotechnology sector, including start-ups and established companies are Pharmaceutical industries, production facilities, \r\nPolice and military forensic laboratories.\r\n All hospitals including cytology, immunology, hematology & pathology laboratories.\r\n Many analytical and QC laboratories, Oceanographic research institutes.

Quality Resources Online provides information on quality assurance and control.

Quality Resources Online   Clearwater  United States
Quality Resources Online specializes in providing informational links for quality assurance and quality control professionals.

Mercedes Medical supplies physician and laboratory products for more than 15 years.

Mercedes Medical   Sarasota  United States
Mercedes Medical specializes in supplying physician and laboratory products for more than 15 years. The company products include respiratory cares, urinalysis, x ray films and equipments, needles and syringes, gloves, IV sets and containers, cleaners and disinfectants, etc.

Clinical Software Solutions provides software solutions for laboratory, radiology, clinic, hospitals, etc.

Clinical Software Solutions    United States
Clinical Software Solutions specializes in providing software solutions for laboratory, radiology, clinic, hospitals, etc. The product includes for LIS, LIMS, toxicology, microbiology, anatomic pathology, nursing, charting, cytology, radiology, inventory, scheduling, sample management, barcode labels, etc.

Gayatri Control is a manufacturer of control panels and digital control panel meters since 1995.

Gayatri Control   Ahmedabad  India
Gayatri Control specializes in producing variety of control panels and digital control panel meters. Few of their products are PID with auto tune temperature controller, digital temperature controller, weighing and batching system, flexible counter, tachometer with temperature indicator, SCR power regulator, panel meter, electrical control panels, encoder, sensors, auto burners, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

KMC Controls Inc manufactures pneumatic control devices since 1970.

KMC Controls Inc    United States
KMC Controls Inc specializes in manufacturing pneumatic control devices. Their products include actuators, valves, control devices, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9002 standards.

Quality America Inc develops statistical process control and document control software tools since 1983.

Quality America Inc   Tucson  United States
Quality America Inc specializes in developing statistical process control and document control software tools. They provide ASQ certification materials, SPC training, six sigma software, training, consulting, SPC explorer, SPC IV excel, etc.