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Abbess Instruments And Systems Inc is a designer and manufacturer of vacuum and thermal instruments and systems since 1982.

Abbess Instruments And Systems Inc   Holliston  United States
Abbess Instruments And Systems Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing vacuum and thermal instruments and systems for science and industry. Their products include computer controlled experiment systems, cryostats, hall effect measurement systems, wide temperature range cryogenic workstations, cryogenic gas and liquid control systems, vacuum chambers for testing, degassing and potting, etc.

Gordinier Electronics Inc manufactures liquid nitrogen controllers and controlled rate freezers for the cryogenic industry for over 25 years.

Gordinier Electronics Inc   Roseville  United States
Gordinier Electronics Inc specializes in producing liquid nitrogen controllers and controlled rate freezers for the cryogenic industry. The company product includes controlled rate freezing systems, low level alarms, nitrogen supply controllers, temperature controllers, level controllers, replacement controllers for new and older storage units, replacement liquid nitrogen probes, etc.

CPC and Cryolab manufactures cryogenic valves and equipment.

CPC and Cryolab   Tampa  United States
CPC and Cryolab specializes in manufacturing cryogenic valves and equipment. Their products include cryogenic vacuum jacketed valves, cryogenic extended stem valves, cryogenic extended bonnet valves, cryogenic bellow seal valves, gas valves, actuators, pressure relief discs, vacuum seal off valves and operators, etc.

Cryogenics International is a manufacturer of deep cryogenic treatment systems and provides processing for metals, plastics, and other materials since 1986.

Cryogenics International   Scottsdale  United States
Cryogenics International specializes in manufacturing deep cryogenic treatment systems and provides processing for metals, plastics, and other materials. Their products include cryogenic treatment system interface control panel, brake rotors, brake pads, engine and drive train components, spark plugs, axles, gears, yokes, knives, blades, gun barrels, etc.

Magnatrol Valve Corporation manufactures industrial solenoid valves for process control since 1936.

Magnatrol Valve Corporation   Hawthorne  United States
Magnatrol Valve Corporation specializes in manufacturing industrial solenoid valves for process control. Their products include 2 way bronze, stainless steel solenoid valves, solenoid valves, custom engineered valves, special alloys, and also provide temperatures and creative design solutions for applications as well as modifications to standard magnatrol valves. They provide services to industries involved in fluid process control, which includes chemical, power, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, water and waste, metal, textile, food, paper and pulp, navy, marine and general industry including original equipment manufacturers.

CoBex Recorders Inc manufactures precision recording instruments.

CoBex Recorders Inc    United States
CoBex Recorders Inc specializes in manufacturing precision recording instruments. The product includes single pen recorders, two pen recorders, OEM recorders, and temperature humidity recorders for use in blood banks, cryogenic freezers, environmental chambers, ovens, clean rooms, thermal oxidizers, automotive paint rooms, incubators, computer facilities, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Huber K䬴emaschinenbau GmbH provides with thermodynamics and microelectronics technology since 1968.

Huber K䬴emaschinenbau GmbH   Offenburg  Germany
Huber K䬴emaschinenbau GmbH products include compatible control thermostats, tango and large unistats, unichillers, plug and play technology, etc.

Hart Scientific Inc manufactures temperature calibration equipments

Hart Scientific Inc    United States
Hart Scientific Inc specializes in manufacturing temperature calibration equipments. The company products include primary standards, thermometer readouts, probes, softwares, baths, industrial calibrators, etc.

Janis Research Company Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of cryogenic equipments since 1961.

Janis Research Company Inc    United States
Janis Research Company Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing cryogenic equipments for research, characterization, and industrial applications. Their products include continuous flow, variable temperature cryostats, custom-engineered systems, liquid helium research dewars, micro manipulated probe systems, ultra low temperature systems, detector cooling systems, adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator systems, cryogenic cold traps, split stirling systems, etc.

Haller-Beeman provides devices like thermistors and limited scope devices for more than 12 years.

Haller-Beeman    ,,
Haller-Beeman is technically no more operated as a corporation. But they are now collaborates with TechnoScience Inc to provide NTD Ge based thermistors and limited scope devices based on their NTD agreement.