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AD Mikrosam manufactures machineries and equipments for more than 35 years.

AD Mikrosam    Yugoslavia
AD Mikrosam specializes in manufacturing machineries and equipments for composite industries. Few of their products include filament winding machines, fiber placement machines, plant and fiber tow prepreg making machines, marble and granite, wood and plastic machines, PCB drilling, laser engraving, plasma cutting, 5 axis machines, etc.

Custom Sensors and Technology specializes in providing photometric transmitters, fiber optic probes and flow cells, transmitters, sample handling systems, etc.

Custom Sensors and Technology   Fenton  United States
Custom Sensors and Technology provides photometric transmitters, fiber optic probes and flow cells, transmitters, sample handling systems, etc. Their services include application engineering, commissioning and start ups, product validation, factory acceptance testing, in house repair, etc.

Market Energy Advisors LLC   Irving  United States
Market Energy Advisors LLC specializes in providing oil and gas marketing services for the independent producer. Their services include track down lost run tickets and incorrect or missing payments, conduct price audits, assess farm out call provisions, etc.

We specialize in the distribution of biotech engineering products and laboratory analytical instruments. Our company is located in Cyprus.   Nicosia  0
Sedico Ltd supplies biotech engineering products and laboratory analytical instruments in Cyprus for more than 21 years. Company’s distributors list includes Al-Mawared Scientific Company, KLIVA Ltd, TECHNOPROF SARL, and NTL.\r\n\r\nProduct list of the company includes flame photometer, spectrophotometers & accessories, atomic absorption spectrometer & accessories, laboratory consumables, microscopes, clinical, balances, portable meter, benchtop meter, monitor and controller meters, peristaltic pump, distillation unit UDK series, digesters DK & DKL series, Dumas nitrogen/protein analyzer, solvent extractor, raw fiber extractors, dietary fiber extractor, recirculating water pump, ECO series thermoreactors, BOD determination systems, etc.\r\n

AMISTCO Separation Products Inc is a manufacture of octane blending component since 1991.

AMISTCO Separation Products Inc    United States
AMISTCO Separation Products Inc specializes in providing engineered solutions for a wide range of phase contacting and separation applications. Their products include mist eliminators, fibered candle filter, structured packing, trays, separators, rmf, metal hex grid, intel diffusers, etc.

Jiskoot provides sampling, blending and multiphase measurement solutions for the oil and gas industry since 1961.

Jiskoot    ,,
Jiskoot specializes in supplying measurement and control solutions. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000. The company offers samplers, sample receivers, sampler controllers, crude oil mixing systems, etc.

Cathay Packing and Sealing Co Ltd manufactures mechanical packings, metallic gaskets, etc.

Cathay Packing and Sealing Co Ltd   Hangzhou  China
Cathay Packing and Sealing Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing variety of mechanical packings. The company products are gaskets, PTFE sealing, machanical seal, insulating and heat fesistant material. and tank container gasket. Cathay Packing and Sealing Co Ltd is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Century Design Inc designs and manufactures prepreg machines, composite machinery and equipment for more than 40 years.

Century Design Inc    United States
Century Design Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing prepreg machines, composite machinery and equipment. Their prepreg machines include solution coating, s wrap machines, unidirectional prepreg machines, cantilevered machines and other proprietary machines. Their services include turnkey services, on site technical support services, etc.

China Tianchen Industrial Corporation, located in Qingdao City, is one of the largest refining-chemical integrated petrochemical companies in China. It is one of the subsidiaries of China Petrochemical Group. It is also currently one of the most important

China Tianchen Industrial Corporation   Qingdao  China
China Tianchen Industrial Corporation, located in Qingdao City, is one of the largest refining-chemical integrated petrochemical companies in China. It is one of the subsidiaries of China Petrochemical Group. It is also currently one of the most important domestic producers of refined oil products, intermediate petrochemicals, synthetic resins and synthetic fibers.\r\n China Tianchen Industrial Corporation grew out of Qingdao Petrochemical Complex which was founded in 1970. In 2000, as an experimental unit, by standardized state-owned enterprise restructuring, China Tianchen Industrial Corporation became the first Chinese listed company with its shares listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and New York Stock Exchange with a total share number of 9.2 billion, including 5.0 billion non-floating A shares held by Sinopec Corp., accounting for 55.56% of the total shares; 150 million non-floating legal person A shares, accounting for 6.08% of the total shares; 920 million domestic ordinary A shares, accounting for 10% of the total shares; 4.33 billion oversea H shares, accounting for 38.21% of the total shares.\r\n In the course of development, China Tianchen Industrial Corporation has experienced five phases of large scale concentrated construction. By the end of 2014, the Company has possessed a primary crude oil processing capacity of 14,800,000 T/Y, an ethylene production capacity of 945,000 T/Y, an organic chemicals production capacity of 7,290,000 T/Y, a synthetic resins production capacity of 1170,000 T/Y, a synthetic fiber feedstock production capacity of 2,140,000 T/Y, a synthetic fiber polymers production capacity of 990,000 T/Y and synthetic fibers production capacity of 840,000 T/Y. China Tianchen Industrial Corporation also has its own utilities system, environmental protection system, as well as load and unload handling and transportation facilities for marine and inland waterway, railway and expressway. The Company\s main products fall into four catalogues: refined oil products such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, LPG etc., petrochemicals such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene, toluene, paraxylene, PTA, acrylonitrile, ethylene glycol, ethylene oxide, vinyl acetate and C5 fractions etc., synthetic resins and synthetic fiber polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polyvinyl alcohol etc., synthetic fibers such as acrylic staple, acrylic top, polyester staple, polyester industry yarn etc.\r\n In 2014, China Tianchen Industrial Corporation processed 21,520,700 tons of crude oil, and produced 1532,400 tons of gasoline, 9,675,900 tons of diesel, 1565,700 tons of jet fuel, 1472,900 tons of ethylene, 923,200 tons of propylene, 1,933,700 tons of synthetic resins and copolymers, 1350,100 tons of synthetic fiber monomers, 943,200 tons of synthetic fiber polymers, 853,600 tons of synthetic fibers, and generated in total 7,961,000,000 kwh electricity. Now, the Company is conforming to overall development strategy and industrial distribution tactic development strategy of giving consideration to both cost leadership and differentiation and paying equal attention to scale and refinement, lay particular emphasis on being cost and scale effective at up stream and high value-added and highly refined at down stream thus giving full play to the advantages of its wide product chain, product diversification and proximity to the markets and improving the competitiveness of the Company.\r\n China Tianchen Industrial Corporation always pays attention to building up a good image of the Company, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, and has been making unremitting efforts to rejuvenate China\s petrochemical industry. China Tianchen Industrial Corporation is consistently persisting in the standardized business practice and trying hard to achieve satisfactory operation results to repay its shareholders and providing customers with quality products and good service.\r\n China Tianchen Industrial Corporation adhere to the\"whole, fruitful achievements\"concept of development,based on the petrochemical business, develop the ethylene after processing, deep processing of oil refining and fine chemical industrial, the refining vinyl construction nationally known petrochemical enterprise group.

Hess Corporation is an energy company that specializes in the production, refining, and retail sale of crude oil and natural gas for the industrial and commercial sector.

Hess Corporation    United States
Hess Corporation is an energy company that specializes in the production, exploration refining, and retail sale of crude oil and natural gas. They provide refined petroleum products, natural gas, and electricity. crude oil, refinery feed stocks, and finished products.