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E-BEAM Services Inc. provides contract electron beam processing services.

E-BEAM Services Inc.    United States
E-BEAM Services Inc. offer electron beam processing for plastic product enhancement, wire and cable jacket curing, sterilization and bioreduction, food irradiation, semiconductor enhancement, polymer chain scissioning, composite curing, etc.

CrossLink Internet Services is an internet service provider for residential and business purpose since 1995.

CrossLink Internet Services   Mclean  United States
CrossLink Internet Services specializes in providing an internet service for residential and business purpose. Their services include residential access, business access, e-mail services, web design, hosting services, business networking, network consulting, network security, etc.

CrossLink Internet specializes in providing internet services for commercial purpose since 1995.

CrossLink Internet    United States
CrossLink Internet provides internet services for commercial purpose. They offer services like residential dial up, residential ADSL, satellite internet, business dial up, business dsl, etc.

Electron Crosslinking AB is a manufacturer of turn key electron beam accelerators for industrial and laboratory applications since 1984.

Electron Crosslinking AB   Halmstad  Sweden
Electron Crosslinking AB specializes in manufacturing turn key electron beam accelerators for industrial and laboratory applications. Their products include accelerator type 01, accelerator type 02, accelerator type 03, LAB EB 200, LAB EB 600, roll to roll 600 mm, roll to roll 1200 mm, board materials 1200mm, etc.

IBA is a cyclotron research center, which produces wide range of radiotherapy equipments since 1986.

IBA    United States
IBA specializes in manufacturing various radiotherapy equipments, which is used in hospital applications to detect cancer. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001. developed Radiotherapy solutions and dosimetry equipment to treat cancer.

Pacific Industry Co established in 1995 specializes in manufacturing and exporting plastic, rubber foam sheet products and the related machineries.

Pacific Industry Co   Dalseo gu  Korea
Pacific Industry Co supplies plastic foam sheet, rubber foam sheet, foam products, and other accessories, and makes foam fabricating machines, and recycling machines.

Merryweather Foam Inc supplies foams, films, non wovens, and rubber products.

Merryweather Foam Inc   Barberton  United States
Merryweather Foam Inc specializes in supplying foams, films, non wovens, and rubber products. Few of their products include gasketing and sealing, reticulated polyurethane, crosslinked polyethylene, microcellular urethane, filtering, sound absorptions, dunnage and cushioning, porons, etc. The company has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Crosslink Technology Inc specializes in supplying formulated epoxies, urethanes, and custom cast electrical parts since 1981.

Crosslink Technology Inc    Canada
Crosslink Technology Inc supplies formulated epoxies, urethanes, and custom cast electrical parts. Their products include casting and potting compounds, impregnating and dipping systems, adhesives and sealants, tooling materials, gel coat compounds, laminating products, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Polymona Enterprise LLC distributes pharmaceutical chemicals.

Polymona Enterprise LLC    ,,
Polymona Enterprise LLC specializes in distributing pharmaceutical chemicals. The company product includes intermediate chemicals, fluorinated chemicals, silane coupling and crosslinking agents, monomers, polymers, additives, nutraceutical ingredients, etc.

Serpo N.V.designs and manufactures variety of foams since 1958.

Serpo N.V.   Sint-Niklaas  Belgium
Serpo N.V. specializes in designing and manufacturing variety of foams. Their products include non cross-linked polyethylene foams, cross-linked polyethylene foams, copolymere foams, expanded polystyrene foams, polyester foams, cases, etc.