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Insight Business Solutions Inc distributes counterfeit detectors for over 25 years.

Insight Business Solutions Inc    Canada
Insight Business Solutions Inc specializes in distributing counterfeit detectors. Their products include counterfeit detectors and currency counters, counterfeit money detector pen.

Magner Corporation is a distributor of cash handling equipments.

Magner Corporation    United States
Magner Corporation specializes in distributing cash handling equipments. Their products include currency counter, currency authentication devices, coin counting and packaging devices, cleaning supplies, etc.

Lynde Ordway Company Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of paper shredders, money handling and finishing equipment since 1925.

Lynde Ordway Company Inc   Santa Ana  United States
Lynde Ordway Company Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing paper shredders, money handling and finishing equipment. Their products include coin counting, sorting machines, currency and bank note counters, counterfeit detectors, office shredders, industrial shredders, trimmers, paper cutters, collators, paper drills, etc.

Aker Service Co. Inc sells various types of equipments, and supplies to banks and credit unions, self service car washes and laundries, and others.

Aker Service Co. Inc    
Aker Service Co. Inc sell products like coin handling, currency handling, check handling, and paper handling equipments, bill changers, coin deposit machines, mixed bill counter, supplies, and accessories, replacement parts, and pre-owned equipments. Aker Service Co. Inc customers list includes banks and credit unions, self service car washes and laundries, entertainment facilities, pay phone operators, retail businesses, schools and religious organizations, vending machine operators and others.

Amro Asian Trade Inc is a manufacture and distributes complete range of coin and currency handling equipment and other accessories.

Amro Asian Trade Inc    United States
Amro Asian Trade Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing products like coin and currency handling equipment and other accessories. Their other products include currency counters, currency discriminator and sorter, coin counters and packagers, coin sorters, banknote detectors, electronic check writers etc.

D and R Technology manufactures and distributes cash handling equipments.

D and R Technology   Denistone  Australia
D and R Technology specializes in manufacturing and supplying cash handling equipments. Few of their products are ticket vending machine, note to coin and note to note change machine, auto payment system, cash deposit system, phone card vending machine, etc.

Laurence David Inc manufactures putty, fillers, sealers, paints and coatings

Laurence David Inc   Corvallis  United States
Laurence David Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of fillers and sealers for the wood products industry. Their products include composite board sealer, form board sealer, fillers and coatings, invisible tracer ink, moisture detector ink, marking ink, etc.

Safety Technology specializes in supplying self defense products.

Safety Technology   Jacksonville  United States
Safety Technology supplies self defense products. Few of their products include stun guns, pepper sprays, home protection, mace, child safety, personal alarms, voice changers, safety lights, diversion safes, hand held metal detectors, instructional fighting DVDs, pepper gun, digital surveillance camera, spyglasses, etc.

Comlock Security Group Company provides services for security needs like locksmith, security cameras, access control, alarm systems and safes for more than 40 years.

Comlock Security Group Company   Orange  United States
Comlock Security Group Company specializes in providing services for security needs like locksmith, security cameras, access control, alarm systems and safes. They provide to southland hospitals, chain stores, pharmaceutical manufacturing, warehousing, government, entertainment and large facilities.

We specialize in development, production, and sales of bank specific equipment. Our main product includes Euro dollar differential instrument, automatic identification of multi- currency instrument, and money detector torch.   ShenZhen  0
Shenzhen Honesty Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in production, development, and sales of bank specific equipment, since 2003. \r\n\r\nThe company main products namely HT Multi currency discriminating device includes HT CD-100 Euro dollar differential instrument, HT CD-200, HT CD-300, automatic identification of multi- currency instrument , HT CDUV28 money detector torch.\r\n\r\nShenzhen Honesty Electronic Equipment Company has been working for developing the technology of detecting counterfeit and the main products of HT series include \r\n\r\n1) HT CD-100 USD EUR0GBP Banknote Detector.\r\n2) HT CD-200 Automatic Multi-currency Detector.\r\n3) HT CD-300 Automatic Multi-currency Detector.\r\n4) D.HT CD-2 High-Power UV Money Detector.\r\n5) E.HT CDUV2814 Money Detector Flashlight.\r\n6) F.HT CD1 Money Detector Magnifier\r\n