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We specializes in Manufacturing of cable insulation material and supplying of flexible duct tape.   zhejiang  0
Hangzhou Dongxing Telecommunication Material Co.,Ltd is a professional China cable insulation material Manufacturers and flexible duct tape Suppliers, Established in 1992, located in Linglong Industry Zone, Lin\an, Hangzhou, China.\r\n\r\nThe company product includes Cable Shielding Material, Flexible Duct Material, Other Application, PET mylar, Copper Mylar, Metalized Films and Flexible Duct Tape. The company is an ISO9001:2000 certified enterprise specialized in research and produce high quality aluminum foil tape, Aluminium AC foil ´╝îAluminium Fire-Resist foil, foil free edge, copper foil, Cable insulation material, flexible duct tape, tissue paper and other related telecommunication materials and household & catering aluminium foil.\r\n\r\nHangzhou Dongxing Telecommunication Material Co.,Ltd Products are well sale both domestically and abroad such as U.S.A, U.K., Germany, South Korea, Japan, Canada and South-east Asia. Passed ISO9001:2000 Management Inspection and ISO 14000 - Environmental management.

Panduit Corp is a manufacturer of products for wiring and communications applications since 1955.

Panduit Corp    United States
Panduit Corp specializes in designing and manufacturing of products for wiring and communications applications. Their product includes power and grounding connectors, stainless steel cable ties, surface raceway systems terminals, wireless system, wiring duct cabinets, racks and cable management, cable management accessories, cable ties, copper systems, fiber solutions, grounding system, heat shrink, and abrasion protection, etc.

Foremost Duct LLC specializes in manufacturing spiral duct, underground duct, PCD

Foremost Duct LLC   Farmington  United States
Foremost Duct LLC manufactures products like spiral duct, oval duct, underground duct, dual wall insulated duct, rectangular duct and duct connection systems. The company also maintains full line of galvanized products.

C Mayo Inc provides metal fabrication services since 1953.

C Mayo Inc   Springdale  United States
C Mayo Inc specializes in providing metal fabrication services. The company service includes CNC plasma cutting, CNC punching, roll forming, machining, and all types of welding.

Engineered Products Company supplies lighting and wiring products for more than 30 years.

Engineered Products Company    United States
Engineered Products Company specializes in distributing lighting and wiring products. The company product includes landscape lighting, tube guards, fixture whips, ground bonding pigtails, air conditioner whips, dryer cords, wall plate insulation gasket, duct seal compound, etc.

AIS Sheet Metal Limited designs, manufactures and distributes dust and fume extraction systems, general sheet metal work and structural steel fabrications since 1970.

AIS Sheet Metal Limited    United Kingdom
AIS Sheet Metal Limited specializes in designing, manufacturing and distributing dust and fume extraction systems, general sheet metal work and structural steel fabrications. They provide various materials and grades include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Their products include copper canopy, stainless steel handrail, stainless steel cabinet, specialized pallet, food processing chute, etc.

Indoor Environmental Solutions Inc distributes air duct cleaning products for more than 12 years.

Indoor Environmental Solutions Inc    United States
Indoor Environmental Solutions Inc specializes in distributing air duct cleaning products. The company products include portable vacuums, spraying equipment, chemicals, air compressor and accessories, power brush systems, etc.

Compac Corporation creates custom products and solutions by coating, laminating and converting flexible substrates.

Compac Corporation   Austin  United States
Compac Corporation specializes in creating custom products and solutions by coating, laminating and converting flexible substrates. Their products include vapor retarder facings and jacketing, pressure sensitive insulation tapes, adhesive tapes, aluminum and copper foil tapes, fabricator tapes, etc. Their applications include residential and building insulation, fiberglass duct wrap and board, metal building, and mechanical insulation. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Hindustan Cables Limited manufactures and supplies various types of telecom cables since 1952.

Hindustan Cables Limited    India
Hindustan Cables Limited products include polythene insulated jelly filled cables, overhead cables and wires, special application cables, fire-retardant low smoke cables, optical fibre cables, etc.

Matern Metal Works Inc provides welding, sawing, rolling, etc., to the industial equipments since 1982.

Matern Metal Works Inc    United States
Matern Metal Works Inc is a service provider, which specializes in restoring, refurnishing and rebuilding industrial equipments. The company also offers a variety of sheet, tube, angle, flat bar, and other items. Their products include dust collectors, equipment and stock carriers, exhaust systems, fittings, gates, guards, guardrails, handrails, hoods, paint booths, pans, etc.