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ECODYNE MRM designs and builds custom air cooled heat exchangers for over 75 years.

ECODYNE MRM    United States
ECODYNE MRM products include air cooled heat exchangers, industrial radiatiors, packaged cooling systems, air preheaters, finned tube bundles, tank heaters and finned tubing. The companies fin materials include aluminium, marine grade aluminium and copper and the markets served are petroleum and refinery, chemical industry, steel industry, electric power generation, etc.

HydroThrift manufactures and distributes cooling systems since 1973.

HydroThrift   Massillion  United States
HydroThrift specializes in producing and supplying cooling systems. Their product includes cooling systems, conditioned air systems, heated water systems, air cooled products, etc.

GEA Rainey Corporation distributes air cooled heat exchangers and cooling towers.

GEA Rainey Corporation   Catoosa  United States
GEA Rainey Corporation specializes in distributing air cooled heat exchangers and cooling towers. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

SPX Cooling Technologies is a manufacturer of cooling tower and air cooled condenser products since 1894.

SPX Cooling Technologies   Overland Park  United States
SPX Cooling Technologies specializes in manufacturing cooling tower and air cooled condenser products. The company is a unit of SPX corporation. Their products include marley aqua tower, marley ctf, marley sr, water cooled closed circuit fluid coolers, induced draft heat exchangers, etc.

Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions Inc is a designer and manufacturer of chillers, heat exchangers since 1913.

Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions Inc   Ossipee  United States
Lydall Industrial Thermal Solutions Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing chillers, heat exchangers. Their products include high performance refrigerated and non refrigerated chillers and heating systems which includes air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, non refrigerated heat exchangers, specialty fluids chillers, etc.

Kooltronic Inc was established in 1956 specializing in the cooling of electronics and computer industries.

Kooltronic Inc    United States
Kooltronic Inc specializing in the cooling of electronics and computer industries. They manufacture products like air conditioners, basic blowers, fans and fan trays, heat exchangers, packaged blowers. They also specialize in blowers and fans as well as closed-loop cooling

Fluid Engineering and Co supplies heat transfer products from other manufactures.

Fluid Engineering and Co    United States
Fluid Engineering and Co manufactures products such as heat transfers, circulation heaters, pump systems, blower packages. They get products from API Schmidt bretten, and API Basco.

Heat Exchange Applied Technology designs and manufactures precision, custom-engineered finned tubing and heat exchangers for a variety of industries and institutions.

Heat Exchange Applied Technology    United States
Heat Exchange Applied Technology products and services include finned tubing, boiler economizers, air heaters, air-cooled heat exchangers, tank heaters and tanks, intercoolers and aftercoolers, air cooling coils, retubing and repair service, etc.

Altronic Research Inc is a manufacturer of products for broadcast and communications industry.

Altronic Research Inc   Yellville  United States
Altronic Research Inc specializes in manufacturing products for broadcast and communications industry. Their products include water cooled coaxial load resistor, our convection cooled resistor loads, air cooled RF coaxial load resistor, calorimetry, fiber optic leak detector, water cooled, heat exchangers, HDTV air cooled, convection cooled, air cooled, high power air cooled, short wave air cooled loads, resistors, etc.

Bulkflow Technologies Inc designs and develops heat exchanger since 1999.

Bulkflow Technologies Inc    Canada
Bulkflow Technologies Inc specializes in designing and developing heat exchanger. The Bulkflow Heat Exchanger heats or cools powder and bulk solids by combining a welded plate heat exchanger with mass flow design. Their product applications include heating or cooling of chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, detergents, catalysts, minerals, oilseeds, etc.