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Dynamic Manufacturing LLC manufactures electronic printed circuit boards, controllers, and interfaces.

Dynamic Manufacturing LLC    United States
Dynamic Manufacturing LLC specializes in manufacturing electronic printed circuit boards, controllers, and interfaces. They provide surface mount printed circuit boards, temperature controllers, conformal coating, enclosures, circuit board assemblies for solid state measurements, and mass spectrometer electronics assemblies for abb extrel.

Enclosures and manufacture circuit board and electronic enclosures and provide engineering services.

Enclosures and    United States
Enclosures and provides with desk top enclosures, flanged enclosures, rack mount enclosures, split body enclosures and keypad enclosures.

Altinkaya Enclosures manufactures plastic and metal enclosures since 1978.

Altinkaya Enclosures   Ankara  Turkey
Altinkaya Enclosures specializes in manufacturing plastic and metal enclosures for electronic equipments. The company products include panel type enclosures, rail type enclosures, desktop enclosures, hand-held enclosures, remote control enclosures, display enclosures, sealed enclosures, special enclosures, wall mount enclosures, and accessories.

Logstrup Ltd is a manufacturer of switchgear and controlgear systems since 1958.

Logstrup Ltd    United Kingdom
Logstrup Ltd specializes in manufacturing switchgear and controlgear systems. Their products include enclosure systems, alpha enclosure, busbar enclosure, bus duct systems, marine, specials, dimensions, etc.

Main Systems Ltd is a manufacturer of control systems.

Main Systems Ltd    United Kingdom
Main Systems Ltd specializes in manufacturing control systems. Their services include control panel, distribution, motor control centres, enclosures, electrical, automatic, systems control equipment, distribution boards voltage, distribution equipment starter, installation motor, etc.

Advanced Modular Computers Ltd provides various rackmount computer hardware, etc. The company was established in 1989.

Advanced Modular Computers Ltd    United Kingdom
Advanced Modular Computers Ltd specializes in manufacturing rackmount computer hardware, chassis, backplanes and enclosures. Their products include computer systems, embedded computer chassis, single board computers, embedded boards, industrial motherboards, passive backplane series, rackmount monitor kits, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Mapower Inc specializes in manufacturing computer peripherals, external drive enclosures since 1987.

Mapower Inc    Taiwan, Republic of China
Mapower Inc manufactures computer peripherals, external drive enclosures, industrial chassis, power supplies, external enclosures, mobile racks, control cards and various corresponding products. Their products include PCB assembly and main board assembly, M/B switching power supply, switching power supply, industrial rack mount chassis, 1U KVM switch with LCD monitor, panel pc, Mini ITX system, sbc controller, etc. Mapower Inc has been quality certified to ISO-9002 standard.

TTM Technologies Inc specializes in the manufacture of printed circuits for the commercial, military and aerospace industries for more than 35 years.

TTM Technologies Inc    United States
TTM Technologies Inc manufactures printed circuits for the electronic, military, and aerospace industry. They provide products like backplane and sub system enclosures, thermal and port sub assemblies, flex circuit assembly, pcba assembly, blind and buried, thick panels and large panels, thick copper, controlled depth drilling, assemblies, printed circuit boards, sub system integration, flex circuit, backplane assemblies, circuit board design, tyco electronics, etc.

DDB Unlimited manufactures various indoor and outdoor cabinets.

DDB Unlimited    United States
DDB Unlimited specializes in manufacturing wide range of indoor and outdoor cabinets. Few of their products include outdoor racking enclosures, outdoor small box enclosures, indoor electrical enclosures, etc.

Bernic A/S manufactures carbon microphones since 1952.

Bernic A/S    Denmark
Bernic A/S specializes in manufacturing of carbon microphones and supplying to various distributors. . Few of their products include series 450 enclosure, DIN rail or flange mounted enclosures, series 3600, series 3100 handheld enclosures and accessories.