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Phoenix of Chicago Inc manufactures coax connectors and assemblies since 1969.

Phoenix of Chicago Inc    United States
Phoenix of Chicago Inc specializes in manufacturing coax connectors and assemblies. Phoenix of Chicago Inc includes companies such as Custom Assembly LLC, Palco Connector Inc, Mil Con Inc. Few of their products include delay lines, D subminiature connectors, coax adapters, RF cable assemblies, coax contacts and connectors, filtered connectors, multi pin connectors, cable assemblies, etc.

Honda Connectors Ltd manufactures and distributes wide range of connectors and cable assemblies since 1932.

Honda Connectors Ltd    United Kingdom
Honda Connectors Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying variety of connectors and cable assemblies for the computer, telecommunications, and instrumentation markets. Few of their products are 0. 3mm pitch connectors, 0. 8mm pitch connectors, 1. 27mm pitch connectors, 2. 54mm pitch connectors, 2mm pitch connectors, coaxial connectors, micro coaxial connectors, connectors, optical connectors, PC and CF card connectors, rectangular connectors, etc.

K I Components manufactures various connectors.

K I Components    United States
K I Components specializes in manufacturing connectors to electronic industry. Their products include SIM card connector, cable to board, board to board, smart card, secure digital card, etc.

Positronic Industries manufactures Dsubminiature, rectangular, power, and circular connectors since 1966.

Positronic Industries   Springfield  United States
Positronic Industries specializes in manufacturing connectors. Their products include power connectors, circular connectors, rectangular connectors, cable connectors, thermocouple connectors, sealed connectors, space flight connectors, blind mate connectors, sequential mate connectors, hot swap power supply connectors, hermetic connectors and D subminiature connectors.

BarTec Limited specializes in supplying Amphenol connectors.

BarTec Limited    Israel
BarTec Limited supplies Amphenol connectors. Their products include RF connectors, PCB connectors, industrial connectors, flat cable connectors, filter connectors, fiber optic connectors, rack and panel connectors, smart card acceptor, etc.

Conxall manufactures custom designed connectors and cable assemblies for the marine and industrial markets since 1971.

Conxall   Chicago  United States
Conxall specializes in manufacturing custom designed connectors and cable assemblies for the marine and industrial markets. Their products include extension cables, tri connectors, dual connectors with cable, y splitters, devicenet terminators, mini shorting plugs, mini and micro connectors and cable assemblies molded cord, multi port blocks, etc.

A Fortunet Co Ltd manufactures and supplies various RF connectors, coax connectors, RF cable assemblies, USB cables, RCA cables, and ethernet cables since 1995.

A Fortunet Co Ltd    Taiwan, Republic of China
A Fortunet Co Ltd specializes in producing and distributing wide range of RF connectors, coax connectors, RF cable assemblies, USB cables, RCA cables, and ethernet cables. Few of their products are BNC connector, SMB connector, F connector, MCX connector, MMCX connector, N connector, TNC connector, etc.

DF Sales Company distributes electronic components since 1985.

DF Sales Company    United States
DF Sales Company provides with the off the shelf, ready to ship connectors, pins, headers, and passive components.

Harwin Plc is manufacturers of variety of electronic interconnect solutions since 1952.

Harwin Plc   Portsmouth  United Kingdom
Harwin Plc specializes in manufacturing variety of electronic interconnect solutions. Their products include medical connector, medical apparatus battery connector, single use IDC connector system, battery charging connector, PCB interface assembly, detonator connector, hot shoe connector, etc.

Microwave Distributors Company specializes in supplying shelf microwave and RF components.

Microwave Distributors Company   Bohemia  United States
Microwave Distributors Company supplies shelf microwave and RF components. Their products include coaxial adapters, attenuators, bias tees, coaxial cable assemblies, diodes, coaxial detectors, isolators, open circuits, limiters, mixers, filters, power dividers, directional couplers, etc.