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Ecora Software Corporation develops wide range of configuration management software tools.

Ecora Software Corporation   Portsmouth  United States
Ecora Software Corporation specializes in designing and developing various configuration management software tools. Their products include Ecora Auditor Professional, Ecora Auditor Basic, Ecora Auditor Lite, Ecora Patch Manager, Beta Program, etc.

Telelogic AB develops and provides software and services for enterprise lifecycle management since 1983.

Telelogic AB    Sweden
Telelogic AB specializes in developing and providing software and services for enterprise lifecycle management. Their products include product management and product portfolio management, business process management and enterprise architecture, change management and software configuration management, enterprise application design, development and testing, etc.

BigMachines Inc is a service provider, which offers web based software to industrial, medical, and hi tech companies since 1999.

BigMachines Inc    United States
BigMachines Inc specializes in providing web based software to the industrial, medical, and hi tech companies. Their products include LFE software, LFE architecture, LFE edition, LFE hosting services, LFE demonstrations, etc.

Burton Systems Software develops configuration management tools for the PC software development community for over 10 years.

Burton Systems Software    United States
Burton Systems Software specializes in developing configuration management tools for the PC software development community. Their TLIB Version Control software features include easy conversion, supports all languages and files, mixed and cross platform capability, third party product compatibility, conflict handling, multiple module control, etc.

Perforce Software Inc develops, sells, and supports Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management (SCM) System since 1995.

Perforce Software Inc    United States
Perforce Software Inc specializes in developing, selling, and supporting Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management (SCM) System. The components contained in the software are Server, Visual Client, Command-Line Client, Distributed Development, Merge Tool, Defect Tracking, Reporting, Web Client, Integrations, and Windows Client.

CollabNet Inc provides collaborative software development services.

CollabNet Inc    United States
CollabNet Inc specializes in providing collaborative software development services. Their services include consulting services, training services, subversion services, subversion training, subversion migration services, partner services, etc.

camos develops intelligent product configurator and CRM solutions for companies selling industrial goods.

Camos   Stuttgart  Germany
camos develops intelligent product configurator and CRM solutions for companies selling industrial goods requiring intensive consulting. The lead-to-order process is supported from the earliest lead all the way to the confirmation of order. For product configuration and quoting, camos is one of the technological leaders worldwide.\r\n\r\nThe camos Application Suite provides efficient sales and smooth order processing with:\r\n\r\ncomplete and accurate product configuration \r\nquick quotation and sales configuration\r\nlatest product information \r\nautomatically generated bills of material \r\nsimple process planning \r\nacceleration for the complete inquiry and order processes \r\n\r\nWith more than 150 implemented international configuration projects, camos is Europe’s leading provider for product configurators. More than 300 customers worldwide in more than 30 countries have placed their utter confidence in camos expertise. \r\n\r\n

Pilgrim Software Inc provides software solutions for the Life Science industries.

Pilgrim Software Inc    United States
Pilgrim Software Inc specializes in offering software solutions, enterprise compliance and quality management for the life science industries. Their services include professional services, technical services, and training services.

Number Six Software Inc provides software engineering services since 1994.

Number Six Software Inc    United States
Number Six Software Inc specializes in offering software engineering services. Their services include IT audit and assessment, IT governance, portfolio management, organizational assessment, business modeling, performance improvement, process improvement, vendor selection and assessment, program management, business driven development, executive workshops, regulatory compliance, testing and quality assurance, information architecture, requirements management, design and architecture, project management, configuration and change management, configuration and implementation, application security, etc.

ACS Software Inc provide solutions for management and workflow applications since 1981.

ACS Software Inc    United States
ACS Software Inc specializes in providing solutions for management and workflow applications and also distributing technical documents, drawings and images. Their products include autoEDMS software, autoEDMS workflow engine software, and autoEDMS redline module software.