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Mini Concrete Systems manufactures medium size concrete mixers, batching systems and production mortar batching systems.

Mini Concrete Systems    ,,
Mini Concrete Systems specializes in manufacture of medium size concrete mixers, batching systems and production mortar batching systems. The company products include mini 125 system, mini 400 system, mini 600 system.

All-State Products, Inc. established in 1998, specialize in distributing waterproofing, concrete restoration and fire stopping products and accessories.

All-State Products, Inc.   Pompano Beach  United States
All-State Products, Inc. supply products to the southeastern coast of Florida, as well as the Caribbean and Latin America. All-State Products, Inc. sealants and caulks, epoxies, concrete restoration like horizontal mortar, vertical mortar, overhead mortar, bar coating, form and pour, fire stopping products like mortar, putties, firestop collars, sleeves, devices and duct wraps, paint and coatings, waterproofing products like vapor barrier, bentonite, pedestrian membranes, etc.

Lambert Corporation is a manufacturer of construction chemical products for more than 50 years.

Lambert Corporation   Orlando  United States
Lambert Corporation specializes in manufacturing construction chemical products for concrete construction industry. Their products include adhesives, concrete resurfacing and patching products, liquid surface sealers and coatings, dry powder pigments for coloring cement and mortar, concrete hardeners, etc.

Boxley Materials Company provides construction materials.

Boxley Materials Company    United States
Boxley Materials Company specializes in supplying variety of construction materials for construction industry. Few of their products are crushed stone, ready mix concrete, concrete block, brick and mortar.

Quikrete manufactures packaged concrete products since 1940.

Quikrete    United States
Quikrete specializes in manufacturing packaged concrete products for commercial building and home improvement industries. Few of their products include concrete and mortar mixes, cements, concrete repair products, stucco, waterproofing, tile setting and blacktop products, floor underlayments, sand and aggregates, and other seasonal items.

ArmorCoat is a manufacturer and distributor of concrete floor coatings and products.

ArmorCoat    United States
ArmorCoat specializes in manufacturing and distributing concrete floor coatings and products. Their products includes armorquartz hardeners, hardeners, weather proofers, water based epoxies, mortar repair and resurfacers, etc

CGM is a manufacturer, custom blender, and private labeler of professional grade concrete construction and restoration products including dry cementitious powders, construction liquids, and aggregate fillers for epoxy resins since 1967.

CGM Inc.    United States
CGM Inc. is a manufacturer concrete construction and restoration products including non-shrink grouts, patching, anchoring, water stopping and hydraulic cements, self-leveling underlayments, mortars, waterproofers, sealers and other concrete repair materials.

Dunham Price Group, L.L.C. has been supplying ready mix concrete for Southwest Louisiana for over 60 years.

Dunham Price Group, L.L.C.   Westlake  United States
Dunham Price Group, L.L.C. provides ready mixed concrete, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete pile, concrete-patching, pea gravel, masonry cement, Portland cement, sack cement, limestone, masonry sand, mortar sand, fill materials, bonding agents, and aggregates.

Atlas Minerals and Chemicals Inc manufactures Chemical construction materials.

Atlas Minerals and Chemicals Inc    United States
Atlas Minerals and Chemicals Inc specializes in manufacturing chemical construction materials The company products aresetting beds, grouts and mortars, linings and membranes, coatings, polymer floors, polymer concrete, expansion joints, etc.

Anchortec manufactures construction, and building products for industries for past 25. Their products are grouts, repair mortars, adhesives, waterproofing, flooring

Anchortec    Spain
Anchortec manufactures, and markets products for the construction, and building industries. They are specialized in manufacturing products such as concrete admixtures, coatings, and adhesives.