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Hoffmann Inc produces reinforced concrete silos.

Hoffmann Inc   Muscatine  United States
Hoffmann Inc specializes in manufacturing reinforced concrete silos. Few of their products are concrete silos, bins, tanks, concrete chimneys, precast chimneys, concrete structures, and steel stacks

IMR Environmental Equipment Inc manufactures combustion gas analyzer and other gas analyzers. The company was founded in 1984.

IMR Environmental Equipment Inc   St.Petersburg  United States
IMR Environmental Equipment Inc specializes in manufacturing combustion gas analyzer, portable and stationary flue gas analyzers, etc. Their product range includes leak detectors, thermometers, manometers, anemometers, stack gas analyzer, flue gas analyzer, and emission analyzer.

Gerard Chimney Company provides service for chimney inspection, and maintenance for past 50 years

Gerard Chimney Company    United States
Gerard Chimney Company serves for chimney inspection, maintenance, and demolition. They are specialized for reconditioning, inspections, and demolition of chimneys, stacks, and other tall structures. Their services includes tuck pointing lightning protection, crack repair, water repellents, steel tension bands, brick liners, sandblasting, gunite liners, waterblasting, rebuilding, and chemical cleaning

Machine Applications Corp is a manufacture of temperature humidity and dew point analyzers, steam flow meters and transmitters.

Machine Applications Corp    United States
Machine Applications Corp specializes in manufacturing high temperature humidity and dew point analyzers, steam flow meters and transmitters. Their products include MAC 125 moisture analyser, Mac 125 data sheet, Mac 125 mounting information, Mac 125 external wiring information, etc.

Faurecia specializes in providing automotive equipment products.

Faurecia    France
Faurecia specializes in providing automotive equipment products. They design and manufacture 6 modules like seat, cock pit, door, acoustic package, front end, and exhaust. Some of their innovative products are pedestrian safety, syntes cockpit structure, door panel with integrated airbag, measy system, pu cast skin, floating center stack, pu cast skin, trunk compartment, fold-away multimedia screens, etc.

Bobs Machine Shop specializes in marketing marine products targeted at anglers and performance boaters.

Bobs Machine Shop    
Bobs Machine Shop markets marine products targeted at anglers and performance boaters. Their products include engine controls, foot throttle slide plate, spark plug wire set, outboard exhaust housing, water pumps, flushing kit, batteries, chargers, stack, lowrance marine, tackle boxes, pitot tube, mini jack plate, lift plate gauge, lift plate pump, etc.

Higgott-Kane is a manufacturer and supplier of silencing systems since 1977.

Higgott-Kane    Canada
Higgott-Kane specializes in manufacturing and supplying silencing systems for power and process industries. Their products include air filtration, ducting, silencing, exhaust systems, ventilation, electrical components, flexible joints, dampers, by pass diverters, stacks, diffuser, etc. The company is a division of ATCO Noise Management.

Gasmet Technologies is a manufacturer of gas analyzers since 1993.

Gasmet Technologies   Mississauga  Canada
Gasmet Technologies specializes in manufacturing wide range of gas analyzers for continuous emission monitoring, stack testing, industrial hygiene and indoor air quality monitoring, engine exhaust gas monitoring process, etc. Their products include FTIR gas analyzer, sampling system, portable sampling system, calibrator, oxygen analyzer, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001.

Independent Protection Company specializes in the manufacture and design of structural lighting protection field since 1934.

Independent Protection Company   Goshen  United States
Independent Protection Company specializes in the manufacture and design of structural lighting protection field. They offer products like conductor cable, air terminals, air terminal bases, connectors and fittings, fastners, grounding, surge protection, chimney equipment, tree equipment, stack equipment, and ornamental equipment.

Demtech Inc specializes in the demolition of structures since 1986.

Demtech Inc   Dubois  United States
Demtech Inc performs performing explosive demolition work and various types of construction-related blasting. They specialize in the demolition and blasting of steel and concrete bridges, bridge piers and abutments, lock and dams, smoke stacks, water towers, blast furnaces, sunken ships, a variety of reinforced concrete and inplant work. The company has explosively demolished structures in almost every state in the U. S. , as well the Dutch Antilles, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Mexico, Canada, Korea, and Kazakhstan.