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Pocket Songs specializes in producing Karaoke Music recordings since 1985.

Pocket Songs    United States
Pocket Songs produces Karaoke Music recordings. Karaoke Songs of major artist and composer in the 20th Century, were made available on cassette, compact disc, and compact disc plus graphics.

We specialize in manufacturing heating components for the past 18 years.\r\n   Zhaoqing  0
\"Zhaoqing City Feihong Machinery & Electrical Co, .Ltd. is a manufacturer of heating components. The company provides materials for the production of home appliances heating components, industry appliances heating components, and hot running heating tube. \r\nThe machine is composed of Tube Welding Assembly, Resistance Wire Winding Machine, Ultrasonic Wave Cleaner, MGO Filling Machine, Tube Reducer, End Finishing Machine, Tube Bender, Tube Marker, Heating Treatment and Welding Machine. \r\nProducts like Tube Making Machine, Resistance Winding Machine, Mgo Filling Machine, Auto Feeder, Roll Reducing Equipment, Length Compensation Equipment, Roll Turning Machine, and Bend Forming Equipment are manufactured by the company.\r\n\"\r\n

CPS Color supplies tinting systems. Their offices are located in EMEA, Latin America, USA, and Asia Pacific

CPS Color    
CPS Color serve, and supplies color materials. They integrate and develop the tinting system, which includes colorants, dispensing and mixing equipment, software, color communication tools, and global service.

DiComp Inc distributes 3D garden composer DVD and CD.

DiComp Inc    United States
DiComp Inc specializes in supplying 3D garden composer DVD and CD. The company`s landscaping software can be used for home gardening, flower gardening, vegetable gardening

SOCAN is the Canadian copyright collective that administers the performing rights of composers, authors and publisher members, and members of their affiliated performing rights organizations, by licensing the use of their music in Canada since 1990.

SOCAN   Toronto  Canada
SOCAN is an organization that administers the communication and performing rights of repertoire of copyright protected music, when it is used in Canada. They collect licence fees on the music composers behalf for the communication and public performance of their copyright protected music and distribute royalties to them. SOCAN was formed as a result of the merger of two former Canadian performing rights societies which are The Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada (CAPAC) and the Performing Rights Organization of Canada (PROCAN).

Mamselle specializes in providing various musical cards with wordings, inscriptions, calendars, and other gift accessories online.

Mamselle    ,,
Mamselle provides various gift accessories online. This website apart from displaying their work also facilitates outsiders to display their creative works.

Chandos Records is a classical music record company known for its ground breaking search for neglected musical gems for 25 years.

Chandos Records    United Kingdom
Chandos Records is a classical music record company known for its ground breaking search for neglected musical gems. The company includes music of composers like Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Parry, Walton with ongoing series of Grainger, Berkeley and Bridge.

Coldplay is a group of artists, who composes and releases song albums.

Coldplay    ,,
Coldplay is a group of artists, who specializes in composing and releasing song albums. Their album collections include speed of sound, warning sign, clocks, the scientist, shiver, crests of waves, one i love, parachutes, we never change, etc.

Aruba Networks Inc builds wireless LAN switching systems composed of a modular switches and access points.

Aruba Networks Inc    United States
Aruba Networks Inc specializes in building wireless LAN switching systems composed of a modular switches and access points. Their products include ArubaOS secure mobility software, ArubaOS software modules, mobility management system, mobility controllers, access points, etc.

Natures Expression is a manufacturer and supplier of natural gifts and souvenirs composed of stones and crystals since 1988.

Natures Expression    Canada
Natures Expression specializes in producing and distributing natural gifts and souvenirs composed of stones and crystals. The company product includes natural gifts, jewelries, rocks and minerals, souvenirs, toys, salt products, rocks, minerals and related products.