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We specialize in manufacturing and supplying piston air compressors, double screw air compressors, portable air compressor, high and medium pressure air compressors, oil free air compressor and compressed air treatment equipments.\r\n   shanghai  0
Shanghai Denair(Group) Co, Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of piston air compressors, double screw air compressors, portable air compressor, high and medium pressure air compressors, oil free air compressor and compressed air treatment equipments.\r\n\r\nThe product category includes stationary compressor, mining equipment, portable compressor, and air purifying equipment. Some of the products supplied are direct driven compressor, variable frequency compressor, combined screw compressor, energy saving compressor, oil free compressor, low pressure compressor, piston air compressor, air pick, jack hammer, DTH drilling rig, diesel portable air compressor, electric portable air compressor, and crawler drilling rig.\r\n

Electrica    Italy
Electrica products include overload protectors, start relays, combined units and snap action switches. The company is a division of AMF inc. , Electrica is certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard. They specialise in serving compressor motor manufacturers.

R. Conrader Company is a designer and manufacturer of compressed air controls since 1925.

R. Conrader Company    United States
R. Conrader Company specializes in designing and manufacturing compressor controls. Their products include safety valves, check valves, air actuated discharge valves, unloader pilot valves, piloted unloader valves, combination piloted discharge, check valves, throttle controls, specialty engineered products, miscellaneous products.

Curtis Toledo is a manufacturer of variety of air compressors since 1854.

Curtis Toledo   St.Louis  United States
Curtis Toledo specializes in manufacturing variety of air compressors. Their products include masterline reciprocating compressors, challenge air reciprocating compressors, portable compressors, rotary screw compressors, vacuum pumps, dryers, etc.

Mattei Compressors Ltd supplies compressors and air package systems.

Mattei Compressors Ltd    United Kingdom
Mattei Compressors Ltd specializes in supplying compressors and air package systems. Few of their products include rotary vane compressors, lubricants, refrigerant and adsorption dryers, air filters, etc. The company has been certified with ISO 9002 standard.

Armco Compressor Products is a manufacturer of replacement parts for air and gas compressors for more than 38 years.

Armco Compressor Products   North Bergen  United States
Armco Compressor Products specializes in manufacturing replacement parts for air and gas compressors. Their products include pistons, valve assemblies, liners, cylinders, bearings, bushings, channels, guides, gaskets, etc.

Hydron Module manufactures and distributes heat pumps for heating or cooling.

Hydron Module   Mitchell  United States
Hydron Module specifies in manufacturing and distributing heat pumps for heating. The company products include r 22 single speed upflow and downflow, dual compressor upflow and side discharge, 410a water to water, hot water combination, air to water hydronic fan coils, r 22 split systems, hydron pump module, ecm blower motor, etc.

Centrax Limited manufactures power generation equipments since 1946.

Centrax Limited    United Kingdom
Centrax Limited specializes in manufacturing power generation equipments ranging from 2. 5 MW to 6. 3 MW. The generator sets are based on the Rolls Royce 501 series of gas turbines, which are used mainly in combined heat and power cogeneration applications in a wide range of industries. Centrax also offers complete turnkey solutions, as well as unparalleled maintenance support. The company is qualtiy certified to ISO9001:2000, AS9100 Rev A:2001 and ISO14001:1996.

Creemers Compressors BV is a manufacturer of variety of compressor products.

Creemers Compressors BV   Oss  Netherlands
Creemers Compressors BV specializes in manufacturing variety of compressor products. Their products include screw compressors, super silent piston compressors, direct driven piston compressors, v belt driven mobile piston compressors, compressors with gasoline and diesel engines, air dryers, airtanks, etc.

Hurricane Compressors manufactures compressors for more than 40 years.

Hurricane Compressors    United States
Hurricane Compressors specializes in manufacturing compressors. Their products include booster compressors for air, nitrogen, and natural gas and gas gathering compressors.