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Colonial Columns Inc. supplies columns to building community. They perform nationally since 1963. They also provide historical duplications.

Colonial Columns Inc.   Houston  United States
Colonial Columns Inc. manufactures columns such as stock wood, custom wood, fiberglass, quick post, balustrade, quick Rail. Aluminum and fiberglass columns are also available. Their wooden columns, capitals, and bases are constructed of Western Red Cedar square scamozzi capital, fiber reinforce plaster, house columns, building columns, columns square, interior decorative columns, exterior columns. They coat the interior of the column with a bituminous coating that deters rotting and insects.

Florida Columns specializes in manufacturing source products for stock columns, column covers, cornice and domes.

Florida Columns    United States
Florida Columns also manufactures columns covers, balustrades, patterns, tooling, steel fabrications, and other building and construction material.

ES Industries manufactures HPLC column for more than 30 years.

ES Industries   West Berlin  United States
ES Industries specializes in manufacturing HPLC columns. Their products include LC MS columns, super critical fluid columns, reverse phase columns, ionic exchange, etc.

Column Engineering manufactures and supplies columns and accessories for HPLC since 1981.

Column Engineering    United States
Column Engineering specializes in manufacturing and supplying columns and accessories for HPLC since 1981. The company products include hypersil, kromasil, monitors, inertsil, hplc packings, hplc packing materials, liquid chromatography,

Cobert Associates distributes chromatography supplies and life science products for more than 30 years.

Cobert Associates   St.Louis  United States
Cobert Associates specializes in supplying chromatography supplies and life science products. The product includes gas column capillary columns, TLC plates and accessories, reagents and standards, syringes, diluters and dispensers, extraction products, multiwell products, pipettes, custom glove box sleeves, etc.

Chrom Tech specialises in chromatography instrumentation supplies and accessories.

Chrom Tech    United States
Chrom Tech products are autosamplers, autosampler vials, bio trap columns, chiral columns, chrom tool, column heaters, gas generators, injectors, interactive training software, mobile phase recyclers, etc.

Wood Turning Corporation manufactures custom spirals, turnings, balusters and columns for homes.

Wood Turning Corporation   Brooklyn  United States
Wood Turning Corporation specializes in manufacturing balusters, spiral staircases, twists, bowels, curved back chair legs, etc. The company products are spiral columns, lamps, chairs, column capitals and spiral, columns, etc.

ECOM s. r. o. specializes in producing, supplying and providing services related to analytical, preparative and flash liquid chromatography.

ECOM s. r. o.    Czech Republic
ECOM s. r. o. products include pumps, UV-VIS and RI detectors, injectors, column ovens and others equipment, integrators, columns, syringes, vials, tools, fittings etc.

Melton Classics Incorporated supplies wide range of architectural columns.

Melton Classics Incorporated   Lawrenceville  United States
Melton Classics Incorporated specializes in supplying variety of architectural columns. Few of their products are fiberwound classic load bearingfiberglasscolumns, marble tex synthetic stone columns, fiberfluteclassic load bearing fiberglass columns, classic design, etc.

We specialize in producing chromatography products like chromatography adsorbents, silica gel column chromatography, aluminium oxide chromatography, etc.   Vadodara  0
Sorbead India is a producer of chromatography products like chromatography adsorbents, silica gel column chromatography, aluminium oxide chromatography, column chromatography, flash chromarogrpahy, thin layer chromarography, and silica gel powder.