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Keyence Corporation specializes in the manufacture and development of sensors and measuring instruments since 1974.

Keyence Corporation    United States
Keyence Corporation manufactures and develops sensors and measuring instruments. The company provides products like fiber optic sensor, photoelectric sensor, laser sensor, laser sensor compact, contact sensor, rgb color sensor, ultrasonic sensor, proximity sensor, pressure sensor, etc.

Kopplin Controls is a manufacturer and distributor of sensors, electrical and pneumatic components and safety equipments since 1958.

Kopplin Controls    United States
Kopplin Controls specializes in manufacturing and distributing sensors, electrical and pneumatic components and safety equipments. Their products include brake monitors, control reliable valves, ergonomic buttons, control reliable valves, cylinders, directional valves, micro controllers, cable connectors, motor starters, etc.

Exergen Corporation is a manufacturer of patented infrared scanners, thermometers, sensors, and controls, for the past two decades.

Exergen Corporation    United States
Exergen Corporation products are used in a various industrial and medical applications for professional and consumer use. The company manufactures non-contact IR temperature sensors, temporal artery thermometers and accessories, and temporal scanners for industrial, medical, and home applications.

Metz Jade Associates distributes electronic products.

Metz Jade Associates    United States
Metz Jade Associates specializes in distributing electronic products. Few of their products include power control semiconductors, chokes, toroids, transformers, LCD modules and displays, film capacitors, color sensors, reed switch based sensors, relays, etc. Metz Jade Associates serves as a manufacturer representative. specializes in providing various informative links.   Waltham  United States is a service provider, which provides information about banner engineering, banner advertising, visual textile resource, rotary collection, banner ads, flags and banners, banner ad, poster in full color, banners, banner machine, light screens, photo sensors, banners, banner machine, light screens, photo sensors, etc.

Hamamatsu Corporation specializes in manufacturing optical sensors, photomultiplier tubes, and other optical devices since 1953.

Hamamatsu Corporation   Iwata  Japan
Hamamatsu Corporation manufactures optical sensors, photomultiplier tubes, and other optical devices. Their products include color sensors, uv spot light source, bio imaging equipment, position sensitive diodes, microfocus x-ray source, cw laser diodes, semiconductor failure analysis, silicon avalanche photodiodes, pulsed laser diodes, laser and fiber optic measurements, optical communciation devices, etc.

Electro Optical Systems Inc manufactures photodiodes and detector components since 1983.

Electro Optical Systems Inc    United States
Electro Optical Systems Inc specializes in producing photodiodes and detector components. The company product includes receiver modules, electronic accessories, detector components, etc.

Ramco Company supplies electric and electronic systems since 1962.

Ramco Company   West Des Moines  United States
Ramco Company specializes in supplying electric and electronic systems. Their products are chip conveyors, circuit breakers, color mark sensors, flow monitors, foot switch, fuses, gear boxes, heaters, pressure switches, pressure transducers, process controllers, shock absorbers, soft starters, steel way covers, flow monitors, lock-out valves, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic fittings, etc. They represent manufacturers such as Banner, Turck, Omron, ABB, Sunx, ICP-DAS, Optex FA, Ramco Sensors, and Sense.

City Technology Ltd provides gas detection technology.

City Technology Ltd    United Kingdom
City Technology Ltd specializes in providing gas detection technology. The company service includes electrochemical sensors, oxygen sensors, toxic sensors, infra red sensors, etc.

Data Spectrum Inc produces various control systems and technical products for industrial, scientific and medical applications since 1984.

Data Spectrum Inc   Redondo Beach  United States
Data Spectrum Inc specializes in producing imaging, motion control, avionics and medical electronic products. Few of their products include high speed starter, motion control, capacitive fluid sensor, pendant control, color touch panel, pediatric hearing screener, etc.