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Baltimore Toolworks specializes in manufacturing hand crafted struck tools since 1925.

Baltimore Toolworks    United States
Baltimore Toolworks manufactures hand crafted struck tools. Their products include chisels, punches, masonry, bars and plumbing, multi piece sets, guardian tool, hard cap, etc.

Enderes Tool Company specializes in manufacturing forged hand tools for more than since 1896.

Enderes Tool Compay    United States
Enderes Tool Company manufactures forged hand tools like screwdrivers, power bits, cold chisels, mason tools, punches, nail sets, star drills, screw extractors, bars, farrier tools, hitch pins, combination kits and rolls, combination displays.

S Betts and Sons Ltd manufactures trowels, wood chisels, etc.

S Betts and Sons Ltd    United Kingdom
S Betts and Sons Ltd specializes in manufacturing tools for masonry and wood works. Few of their products include bricklaying trowels, plastering trowels, tiling trowels, woodworking tools, carving and turning tools, decorating tools, drills, hammers, screwdrivers, v grooved base, cold chisels, brick bolsters, wrecking bars, etc.

Ansell Handtools (Sheffield) Ltd manufactures coldchiselsb, brickbolsters, wrecking bars, and punches since 1990.

Ansell Handtools (Sheffield) Ltd    United Kingdom
Ansell Handtools (Sheffield) Ltd specializes in manufacturing hand tools like brick bolsters and electricians chisels, hand guards and grips, cold chisels slate rippers, prybars and wrecking bars, etc. The Company is a member of British Hand Tool Federation and British Standards Institution.

Atlas Industrial Supply Inc distributes variety of automotive products.

Atlas Industrial Supply Inc    United States
Atlas Industrial Supply Inc specializes in supplying wide range of automotive products. Few of their manufacturers and brands are Airetool, Ajax Tools, Apex, Baldor Electric, Brunner and Lay, Buckeye, Castrol, Cleco, Cleveland Vibrator, Coilhose, Cortec, Desmond Stephan, Dotco, Falcon Foundry, Gardner Denver, Heinrich Wagner Sinto, Master Cut, Master Power, Etc.

Ajax Tool Works Incorporated manufactures variety of industrial tools since 1946.

Ajax Tool Works Incorporated    United States
Ajax Tool Works Incorporated specializes in manufacturing wide range of industrial tools. Few of their products are rivet buster chisels, paving breaker chisels, cutters, oilers and lubricators, zip gun chisels, etc.

Krause Corporation specializes in the manufacture of agriculture tillage equipments since 1916.

Krause Corporation    United States
Krause Corporation is a manufacturer of agriculture tillage equipments. They offer a wide range of products like dominator, disc rippers, in line rippers, disc harrows, field cultivators, chisels and coulter, disc chisels, one pass finishers, till drills, packers, and disc components.

Ezee On specializes in manufacturing products like heavy duty offset and tandem discs, seeder carts, chisel plows, field cultivators, front-end loaders, post drivers, etc. , for more than 50 years.

Ezee On   Vegreville  Canada
Ezee On specializes in manufacturing products like heavy duty offset and tandem discs, air drills, coulter drills and air, seeder carts, chisel plows, field cultivators, front-end loaders, post drivers, etc. , for more than 50 years. Their other products include air crafts, air drills, coulter drills, offset disc, chisel plows, front end loaders, construction offset discs, post drivers, etc.

Doringer Cold Saws Inc designs and manufactures cold saws for cutting needs for over 20 years.

Doringer Cold Saws Inc    United States
Doringer Cold Saws Inc specializes in designing and manufacturing cold saws for cutting needs. Their products include sawblades, cold sawing machine in different models.

Craftsman Studio specializes in providing tools and books since 1997.

Craftsman Studio    United States
Craftsman Studio provides tools and books. Their products include hand tools, lie nielsen products, planes, plane blades, forrest saw blades, spoke shaves, chisels, hand saws, striking tools, sharpening tools, drilling tools, etc.