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ABC Coin specializes in providing coin and currency counting equipment and supplies since 1979.

ABC Coin    United States
ABC Coin provides coin and currency counting equipment and supplies. Their products include coin counter for single or mixed coins, currency counters, coin sorters, canvas, plastic and vinyl coin bags, plastic and metal coin trays, flat and cartridge coin wrappers, belt changers, etc.

Miller`s Coins and Currency LLC sells wide range of coins and currency products.

Miller`s Coins and Currency LLC    United States
Miller`s Coins and Currency LLC specializes in supplying variety of coins and currency products. Their products include colonial notes, broken bank notes, confederate notes, national bank notes, etc.

AcuCount designs and manufactures wide range of electronic coin counters since 1994.

AcuCount   Belmont  United States
AcuCount is a division of U-Seal-It/Photocard Company, which specializes in producing electronic coin counters including 101, 102, 252 and 601 units.

Heritage Auctions Inc. specializes in providing information about buying and selling coins.

Heritage Auctions Inc.   Dallas  United States
Heritage Auctions Inc. provides information about buying and selling coins. Their products include colonials, half cents, large cents, Indian cents, early quarters, gold dollars, silver coins, rare coins, rare currency, modern issues, etc.

General Bank Supply offers currency and coin handling products for over 45 years.

General Bank Supply   Troy  United States
General Bank Supply offers complete line of cash and coin handling products such as coin wrappers, plastic coin bags, canvas coin bags, plastic deposit bags, locking security bags, zipper wallets, cash boxes, trays, teller supplies, and cashier supplies. the company offers personalized customer service to banks, credit unions, vending companies, retailers, schools, municipalities, casinos, gaming centers, amusement parks, churches, hospitals, laundromats coin collectors and many more. . .

Colman Mfg Co specializes in manufacturing parts for banking equipment including atm, proof and encoder, coin and currency counters.

Colman Mfg Co    United States
Colman Mfg Co manufactures parts for banking equipment, atm, coin counter, currency counters, check encoder, proof machine, coin and currency counting equipment including ats, cummins-allison, diebold, brandt, fujitsu, glory, ncr, standard register, toyocom, and unisys.

Liberty Bank specializes in providing personal and business banking services since 1825.

Liberty Bank   Cheshire  United States
Liberty Bank offers personal and business banking services. Their services include financial planning and investments, investment banking, asset management, trust, payroll processing services, merchant processing, coin and currency services. Liberty Bank is a member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Glory specializes in manufacturing machines and equipments, since 1918.

Glory    United States
Glory manufactures machines and equipments. Their products include desktop currency counters, desktop currency discriminator, tabletop currency or ticket reader, tabletop currency sorter, currency recycler, cash dispenser, casino kiosk, coin counter or wrapper, and systems, etc.

Aker Service Co. Inc sells various types of equipments, and supplies to banks and credit unions, self service car washes and laundries, and others.

Aker Service Co. Inc    
Aker Service Co. Inc sell products like coin handling, currency handling, check handling, and paper handling equipments, bill changers, coin deposit machines, mixed bill counter, supplies, and accessories, replacement parts, and pre-owned equipments. Aker Service Co. Inc customers list includes banks and credit unions, self service car washes and laundries, entertainment facilities, pay phone operators, retail businesses, schools and religious organizations, vending machine operators and others.

Bank Mark Inc specializes in manufacturing replacement carriers for motor banks and other pneumatic systems since 1973.

Bank Mark Inc    
Bank Mark Inc manufactures replacement carriers for motor banks and other pneumatic systems. The company offers products like audio visual switcher, task seating, mobile shelving, stationary shelving, vault ladders, stock ladders, currency handling, coin handling, maintenance items, atm products, etc.