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AcuCount designs and manufactures wide range of electronic coin counters since 1994.

AcuCount   Belmont  United States
AcuCount is a division of U-Seal-It/Photocard Company, which specializes in producing electronic coin counters including 101, 102, 252 and 601 units.

Canada Mayer Inc manufactures security seals since 1950.

Canada Mayer Inc   Laval  ,,
Canada Mayer Inc specializes in manufacturing security seals. Their products include plastic seals which include plastic coin bag seal, plastic base padlock seal, plastic padlock seal, metal seals which include ball type metal steel, self locking metal seal, cable seals which include hercules cable seal, bantam cable lock seal, bolt seals, etc., The company is qualtiy certified to ISO 9002 and ISO 9001.

Auto Masters Ltd specializes in manufacturing special purpose machinery for more than 40 years.

Auto Masters Ltd    United Kingdom
Auto Masters Ltd manufactures of special purpose machinery. They offer harnden plastic bag making machinery, foundry finishing machinery, friction material cutting and grinding machinery, etc.

Klopp Coin Inc is a US manufacturer of coin handling equipment since 1931.

Klopp Coin Inc   Oldsmar  United States
Klopp Coin Inc specializes in manufacturing coin handling equipment. Their products include wet coins, one coin bagging machines, scales, currency noters, sorters, crimper, tubes and wrappers, etc.

ABC Coin specializes in providing coin and currency counting equipment and supplies since 1979.

ABC Coin    United States
ABC Coin provides coin and currency counting equipment and supplies. Their products include coin counter for single or mixed coins, currency counters, coin sorters, canvas, plastic and vinyl coin bags, plastic and metal coin trays, flat and cartridge coin wrappers, belt changers, etc.

Glenview Systems Inc is a manufacturer of coin handling solutions for the money handling industry.

Glenview Systems Inc   Glenview  United States
Glenview Systems Inc specializes in manufacturing coin handling solutions for the money handling industry. Their products include auxiliary ticket indicator, attendant, coinfill bag indicator, low hopper indicator, security system, quick change system, etc.

We are a global leading manufacturer and exporter of standard and custom made anti-counterfeiting products for more than 15 years.   shenzhen  0
Securitypack is a global leading manufacturer and exporter of standard and custom made anti-counterfeiting products for more than 15 years.\r\n\r\nOur main products include tamper evident void label printing materials, tamper proof security tapes, security labels, warranty stickers, security bags, detectable stickers, water reaction stickers. \r\n\r\nCompany offers various products such as label printing material tamper evident labels, security tapes, chameleon labels, laser VOID label material, etc.\r\n\r\nLabel printing machines of the company finds applications in the areas like pharmaceutical, casino and gaming, electronic devices, atm machines, laboratory instruments, shipping, aircraft hatches, military equipment, satellite and communications.\r\n\r\nCompany’s tapes and labels are widely used in the packing and printing industries where as security bags are widely used by banks, police station and couriers as coin bags, cash bags or document bags.\r\n\r\nSecuritypack company’s all products are under RoHS compliance.

General Bank Supply offers currency and coin handling products for over 45 years.

General Bank Supply   Troy  United States
General Bank Supply offers complete line of cash and coin handling products such as coin wrappers, plastic coin bags, canvas coin bags, plastic deposit bags, locking security bags, zipper wallets, cash boxes, trays, teller supplies, and cashier supplies. the company offers personalized customer service to banks, credit unions, vending companies, retailers, schools, municipalities, casinos, gaming centers, amusement parks, churches, hospitals, laundromats coin collectors and many more. . .

Acme Seals Ltd specializes in manufacturing security seals since 1884.

Acme Seals Ltd    United Kingdom
Acme Seals Ltd manufactures security seals. Their products include plastic seals, metal seals, bolt seals, lead seals, sealing wire, sealing pliers, curtain weights, etc. The company has been quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Custom Poly Bag Inc manufactures various sizes of plastic bags since 1969.

Custom Poly Bag Inc    United States
Custom Poly Bag Inc specializes in producing plastic bags. The company also supplies polyethylene bags, polypropylene plastics, shrink wrap film, and other printed promotional advertising products for sports and other applications. Few of their products include bottom seal bags, boutique bags, box liners, bread bags, bulk bags, etc.