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Fresh Brands Inc specializes in manufacturing coconut products like desiccated coconut, coconut milk powder, etc. , since 1986.

Fresh Brands Inc    
Fresh Brands Inc specializes in manufacturing coconut products like desiccated coconut, coconut milk powder, etc. , since 1986. Their other products include like coconut cream, coconut water, creamed coconut, and reduced fat coconut.

Desiccated Coconut is a website, which provides information about the uses of coconut in a desiccated form.

Desiccated Coconut    Indonesia
Desiccated Coconut is a website furnishing information about the uses and application of desiccated coconut. They are used to make cakes, breads, sweet dishes, as a coating, for medicinal preparations in postnatal diet, to extract oil, to make coconut residue cakes for mixing in fodder.

Heyland Manufacturers specializes in the manufacture of cocopeats from coconuts.

Heyland Manufacturers   Moratuwa  Sri Lanka
Heyland Manufacturers is a manufacturer of cocopeats from coconuts. They offer products like cocpeat, gebera mix, grow bags, coconut husk chips, cocopeat discs, weed killer mats, coir ropes, etc.

Concord Chemical manufactures soaps, lubricants, cleaning products, and dust control products.

Concord Chemical   Camden  United States
Concord Chemical manufactures soaps, cleaning products. They are specialized in precision mixing, blending, processing, and packaging liquids. Their other products are solid waxes, wax emulsions. Concord Chemical manufactures products based on oil, fats etc.

Coconut Grove Pads Inc manufactures and distributes womans intimate apparel wardrobes since 1985.

Coconut Grove Pads Inc   Markham  Canada
Coconut Grove Pads Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing womans intimate apparel wardrobes. The product includes bra accessories, bras, breast accessories, breast enhancers, breastshapers, bridal and accessories, replacement tapes, seamless control garments, shoulder pads, etc.

Celebes Group of Companies is a manufacture of wood products since 1981, with their main office in Cebu city, Philippines. Celebes is also a producer and exporter of food products.

Celebes Group of Companies   Cebu City  Philippines
Celebes Group of Companies opened their financing company in 1997. The company does other businesses like: tuna fishing and canning, banana chips and coconut chips, dehydrated tropical fruits manufacturing, coconut oil milling and refining, desiccated coconut manufacturing, and banking.

Coconut Grove Music supplies guitar accessories and other instruments.

Coconut Grove Music   Kailua  United States
Coconut Grove Music specializes in supplying guitar accessories and other instruments. The company product includes acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, harmonicas, tuners and metronomes, some band instrument accessories, and more.

Nutiva produces and sells wide range of food products since 1999.

Nutiva    United States
Nutiva specializes in producing variety of food products. Few of their products are Organic HempShake, Organic Hemp Protein Powder, Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil, Organic Extra Vifgin Coconut Oil, etc.

Brooks Tropicals Inc distributes wide range of tropical fruits and vegetables since 1928.

Brooks Tropicals Inc    United States
Brooks Tropicals Inc specializes in providng various tropical fruits and vegetables. Their products are boniato, calabaza, carambola, chayote, coconut, ginger, key lime, kumquat, lime, lychee, malanga, mamey sapote, mango, papaya, scotch bonnet pepper, sugar cane, water coconut and yuca.

P T Serimpi Asli Wenang manufactures and exports coconut shell charcoals since 1970.

P T Serimpi Asli Wenang    Indonesia
P T Serimpi Asli Wenang specializes in manufacturing and exporting coconut shell charcoals. The company products include serimpi charcoal, etc.