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Filtervac International Inc specializes in manufacturing liquid filteration products since 1983.

Filtervac International Inc    Canada
Filtervac International Inc specializes in manufacturing liquid filteration products since 1983. Their other products include transformer oil degasifiers and purification system, ecil transformer oil regeneration system, tape changer filter system, mobile and portable insulating oil filter carts, industrial oil filter carts, lubrication system, oil dehydration equipment, etc.

Allied Group, Inc. is a manufacturer of coalescing and compressed air, filters, separators, and silencers.

Allied Group, Inc.    United States
Allied Group, Inc. fiberglass filter element, cartridges, liquid separator, silencers, mufflers, sintered metal filters, replacement filters, coalescing filters, etc. Allied Group, Inc. silencers are used for blowers, compressors, engines, vacuum pumps, air motors, pneumatic equipment, fans and any other application. Allied Group, Inc. line filter elements and silencers range from 0. 1 - 100 microns.

FAI Filtri S.r.l. specializes in the manufacture and sale of industrial filtration equiments since 1974.

FAI Filtri S.r.l.    Italy
FAI Filtri S.r.l. provides filter and elements for various filtration purposes. This includes filter and elements for filtration of oils and coalant fluids, air/oil separator spim-on elements, filters and elements for conditioning drinkable water from springs or wells, filters and elements also for industrial applications, conditioning paints, solvents, inks, emusions and corrosive fluids, revolving nozzle system for bak-cleaning dust filter elements, simplex and duplex filters for inline installation on industrial systems. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Gas Drying Inc is a manufacturer of compressed air dryers and filters since 1957.

Gas Drying Inc   Wharton  United States
Gas Drying Inc specializes in producing compressed air dryers and filters. The company product includes desiccant air dryers, internally heat reactivated desiccant dryers, externally heat reactivated desiccant dryers, blower purge heat reactivated desiccant dryers, coalescing filters, particulate filters, oil vapor filters, etc.

Filtration and Separation Ltd manufactures various filter and separator products for more than 25 years.

Filtration and Separation Ltd    United Kingdom
Filtration and Separation Ltd specializes in manufacturing filter elements for the marine, power, oil and gas industries. Their products include various coalescers and separators, compressors and vacuum pumps, lube, fuel and air filters, oily water separators, etc.

Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation manufactures oil filtration and fuel filtration equipment since 1885.

Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation    ,,
Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation specializes in manufacturing oil filtration and fuel filtration equipments. The company product includes oil filter vessels, coolant filtration, EDM filters, diesel fuel separator, etc.

Master Chemical Corporation manufactures cutting and grinding fluids concentrates since 1951.

Master Chemical Corporation    ,,
Master Chemical Corporation specializes in manufacturing cutting and grinding fluids concentrates since 1951. The company products include cutting and grinding fluids, cleaners and washing compounds, corrosion inhibitors, additives and TCs, and specialty fluids. They offer centrifuges, filtration systems, sump suckers, etc.

A+ Corporation LLC manufactures an supplies variety of analyzer sample conditioning components and moisture and corrosion control products.

A+ Corporation LLC   Gonzales  United States
A+ Corporation LLC specializes in manufacturing and distributing various analyzer sample conditioning systems and self-regenerating dessicant packets. Their products include ultra glysorb cartridges, glysorb filter, humidisorb, material safety data sheet, etc.

Gulfgate Equipment Inc manufactures oil purification equipments since 1963.

Gulfgate Equipment Inc   Houston  United States
Gulfgate Equipment Inc specializes in manufacturing oil purification equipments for petrochemical plants, refineries, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, electrical utilities, engineering contractors and municipalities. Their product models include econovac oil conditioner, GF series, GFS series, single stage, GFS2 series, two stage, tore series, etc.

Air Engineering Inc is a distributor of high performance parts, lubricant and accessories for industrial air compressor.

Air Engineering Inc   New Berlin  United States
Air Engineering Inc has in stock over 400, 000 high performance parts, lubricants and accessories. Air Engineering, Inc. supply products including rotary screw compressor parts, lubricants, air end rebuilding, reciprocating compressor parts, heat exchangers, coalescing filters, and point of use filters. Air Engineering, Inc. products can be used for all the makes of industrial air compressor.