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Extendit Company specializes in manufacturing of pavement maintenance products since 1960.

The Extendit Company   Youngstown  United States

Hindustan Chemicals manufactures industrial and consumer products since 1979.

Hindustan Chemicals   Bhilai  India
Hindustan Chemicals specializes in manufacturing industrial and consumer products since 1979. Few of their products include refined naphthalenes, moth balls, hot pressed and crude naphthalenes, creosote oils, and coal tars.

D. J Roofing Supply Inc. distributes roofing materials, products, supplies, and other accessories.

D. J Roofing Supply Inc.    United States
D. J Roofing Supply Inc. distributes roofing materials. They supply all roofing needs, such as conveyor trucks, crane trucks, semi trucks, and flatbed trucks. They provide product lines of various manufacturers such as GAF, and Owens Coming.

Milspec Paint manufactures paints and coatings.

Milspec Paint   Louisiana  United States
Milspec Paint specializes in manufacturing paints and coatings. The company products include military specification paints, marine and offshore paints, waterborne and solventless coatings, etc.

KMG Chemicals Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemical products since 1986.

KMG Chemicals Inc    ,,
KMG Chemicals Inc specializes in manufacturing, marketing, and distributing specialty chemicals to niche market customers in North America. Their products include rabon oral larviside, rabon 50 wp insecticide, rabon larvicide premix, pentachlorophenol products, creosote and coal tar solution, creosote oil, etc.

Indigo provides block printing and dyeing on cotton, Silk and woollen fabrics.

Indigo    India
Indigo specializes in manufacturing synthetic dyes and vegetable dyes. Their products include traditional kutch, sanganeries, kalamkari, jamevar, kashmiri, silk, tussars, crepe, chiffon, satin, georgette, twill, dupion and wool, etc.

Fiton Technologies Corp. is a environmental remediation firm, in Canada.

Fiton Technologies Corp.    Canada
Fiton Technologies Corp. has the worldwide license to use the Fiton process, a breakthrough bioremediation technology called biocatalysis, to remove a wide spectrum of contaminants in soil, sediments, sludges, water and a variety of industrial effluents. The company operates remediation programs in numerous countries including Canada, USA and Bermuda.

Nuttall John Martin Ltd is a subsidiary of Edmund Nuttall Ltd, which offers civil engineering solutions in all sectors since 1999.

Nuttall John Martin Ltd   Thetford  United Kingdom
Nuttall John Martin Ltd specializes in providing offers civil engineering solutions in all sectors. They undertake projects of roads, bridges, rail, and other civil related work.

Jim D.Koontz and Associates Inc specializes in providing roof consulting services since 1976.

Jim D.Koontz and Associates Inc    United States
Jim D.Koontz and Associates Inc is a service provider, which specializes in roof consulting services including roof consulting, evaluation, laboratory testing, expert testimony, failure investigation, infrared thermography, quality control audits, hail damage, etc.

The StonCor Group distributes variety of coatings, linings, and fireproofing products for various industries for more than 60 years.

The StonCor Group   St.Louis  United States
The StonCor Group specializes in distributing variety of coatings, linings, and fireproofing products for various industries. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000. Their products include acrylics, cementitious fireproofing, chemically resistant epoxies, coal-tars, elastomerics, epoxies, floor systems, intumescent fireproofing, tank linings, tape systems, wall systems, etc.