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AJMedXray Inc manufactures and distributes radiography images and radiography equipment.

AJMedXray Inc    United States
AJMedXray Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing radiography images and radiography equipment. They provide film processor maintenance services and provide processor solution. They offer variety of x ray film and envelopes, film processors and accessories, etc. Their products include xray cassettes, chiro xray, medical xray, podiatry xray, film digitizer, view boxes, digital xray, etc.

GE Inspection Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of products include ultrasonic, remote visual, radiographic and eddy current equipment and systems since 1878.

GE Inspection Technologies    ,,
GE Inspection Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing products include ultrasonic, remote visual, radiographic and eddy current equipment and systems for aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, automotive and metal industry. Their products include flaw detectors, thickness gauges, transducers, installed sensors, x ray systems, digital x ray imaging systems, x ray film, remote visual inspection equipment, ptz cameras, robotic crawlers, borescopes, flexible fiberscope and accessories, etc.

We specialize in contract service, maintenance and calibration for most NDT equipment, refurbishment and equipment hire, as well as second user sales.   Tamworth  0
Euroteck Systems was started in 2000, and is a privately owned limited company.\r\n Euroteck Systems founders have many years’ experience working in NDT service positions, and so the business was started to further the competition in this market. Consequently, our prime directive has always been that we will not sell what we cannot support.\r\n In addition we hold extensive spares of most critical items, so that we can easily arrange to exchange defective parts to get our customers up and running again quickly.\r\n\r\nThe categories are Product Image, X-Ray Inspection, X-Ray Cabinets, Real Time X-Ray, Computed Radiography, Digital Radiography, Computed Tomography, Constant Potential X-Ray, Portable X-Ray, Hire Equipment, Magnetic Particle Equipment, Ultrasonic Systems, Film Processors and Chemicals, Micro Focus X-Ray, Radiation Monitoring, and X-Ray Film Digitisation. \r\nEuroteck Systems has been ISO accredited since 2003. We are one of a very small number of NDT Service companies who hold this prestigious accreditation. Our scope of accreditation covers all of our activities in the supply, maintenance and calibration of NDT equipment. The accreditation also covers component inspection using various X-Ray technologies.\r\n We are also active participating members of both The British Institute of NDT and The American Society for Non-destructive Testing.\r\nWe are passionate about NDT and what it can do to solve manufacturing and quality issues. Talk to us and let us see if we can improve your products, reduce your Q.C. costs, and solve those manufacturing difficulties.

EJ Allen and Associates provides technical reports for legal profession, for insurance claims departments, trading standards, the health and safety executive and the public trust office.

EJ Allen and Associates    United Kingdom
EJ Allen and Associates services include road traffic accident reconstruction, accident site visit sketch and scale plan drawing, video and photography, forensic vehicle examination and damage analysis, vehicle failure prognosis, vehicle fire causation, vehicle pre-purchase examination, motorcycle pre-purchase examination, tyre examination, tachograph examination, etc.

Formosa Glove Industrial Co Ltd manufactures and export gloves in Taiwan. Their products are nitrile medical gloves, nitrile examination gloves, and nitrile industrial safety gloves.

Formosa Glove Industrial Co Ltd    ,,
Formosa Glove Industrial Co Ltd produces gloves. They are specialized for products such as nitrile medical examination gloves, and nitrile examination gloves. They are certified by medical ISO13485: 2003 standard. Their products are designed for medical nursing examination use, general purpose, household, and laboratory.

Aigburth Driver Training have a highly qualified team of trainers which can cater for all your needs from the basic learner and pass plus course to the more experienced driver looking to achieve a higher level of driving.\r\nAnd going on to successfully pas

easy driver training   Liverpool  
Module One\r\nPart One is conducted on a self-study basis. Your Part One training materials will include a specific selection of textbooks, a copy of the official theory question bank and a CD to assist your preparation for the hazard perception element of the test. \r\n\r\nYour theory study is not done in isolation. Our training is integrated. Whilst you are studying Part One we conduct four hours of practical in-car training for Part Two. This means that you are able to put into practice the theory of driving. For example, understanding of the system of car control will be easier when you are actually putting it into practice. Your trainer will give you a small workbook so that your practical progress and practice can be recorded. Your trainer will list specific goals for you to practice. This also means that there should be no delay between you passing Part One and applying for Part Two.\r\n\r\nModule Two\r\nThis module is conducted in-car. The training will cover all aspects of the driving technique requirements to meet the Part Two test criteria\r\nPart two - test of driving ability\r\nYou will be required to produce your current driving licence and ADI certificate before the test commences. \r\n\r\nTest of driving ability\r\n\r\nThe test of driving ability is held at 47 driving test centers across the country, listed in the Notes for Guidance. Send your completed application form (issued after passing the theory test) for the test of driving ability to DSA, Nottingham with the appropriate fee.\r\n \r\nAbout the test\r\n\r\nThe practical test of driving ability consists of a test of the candidates driving technique. The test will last approximately 60 minutes. There will be an eyesight check followed by a brief explanation of the test from the examiner. \r\n\r\nThe route over which the test will be conducted will be demanding. The test is of an advanced nature and a very high standard of competence is required. \r\n\r\nCandidates must show that they have a thorough knowledge of the principles of good driving and road safety, and that they can apply them in practice. They must have excellent hazard perception and planning skills. \r\n\r\nCandidates will be required to demonstrate their ability to give a descriptive talk-through commentary whilst driving, for a period of not less than ten minutes. The test will include a strict assessment regime - only a maximum of 4 driving faults will be allowed.\r\n \r\nResults\r\n\r\nThe examiner will give you the result at the end of the test. If you pass you will be given an application form to apply for the test of instructional/coaching ability, which should be sent to DSA at Nottingham with the appropriate fee. \r\n\r\nIf you fail, the examiner will give you a sheet (including another application form) listing your mistakes, and will also tell you briefly why they are listed. However, the examiner cannot discuss them in detail.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nModule Three\r\nThis module commences after you have passed Part Two. It is also conducted in-car. This module will continue from the groundwork established on the previous module. The training will prepare you to deliver lessons for a Part Three test. The lessons will range from delivering a lesson to a complete novice who has never driven before, to a driver who is approaching their driving test and needs assistance with eliminating their last few errors in for example approaching junctions. There is a good deal of role-play in this module. Your trainer will play the role of an “L” driver at the various stages of their development. This is how you will be examined. The Examiner will simulate an “L” driver at beginner level for the first section of the test and will then simulate an “L” driver with some experience for the second part of the test. Throughout this module you will be trained to deal with a driver who does not know how to do something and you will explain and assist them to achieve that task, this applies to the beginner stage. The second stage will train you to deal with someone who knows how to do something but for some reason they cannot quite achieve it. You will then identify their fault, analyse what is causing the fault and work out how you are going to remedy the fault. \r\n

Alkomed Technologies LLC supplies refurbished imaging equipment.

Alkomed Technologies LLC    ,,
Alkomed Technologies LLC specializes in supplying refurbished imaging equipment. They provide services include de installation, crating, re installation and on site training. Their equipment include MRI, CAT scan, digital remote control, radiography, ultrasound, portable ultrasound, pre owned, spare parts, etc.

We are one of the largest and most specialized foundry and casting products manufacturers in China, since 1995.   ZhangQiu, Jinan  0
Jinan Jinchi Construction Matrials Co.,ltd is one of the largest and most specialized foundry and casting products manufacturers in China, since 1995.\r\n\r\nMain product line of the company includes forged steel balls, casting ball, liner plates, cylpebs (Hc-Ms), flange, inspection equipment, etc.\r\n\r\nProducts offered by the company includes hot rolled production line, forging technology, cylpebs, liners plates, steel drum, no breakage cast ball, unbreakable grinding ball, steel ball, steel drum, bag, high casting ball, forged media ball, grinding media ball, grinding steel ball, chrome cast ball, ball mill steel ball, carbon steel flange, forged flange, high chrome casting iron ball, metallographic examination analysis, test instrument for hardness, etc.\r\n\r\nCompany offers product in two series including grinding steel balls and wrought iron building products including wrought iron stair parts, balusters, studs, shoes, spears, decorative steel balls, birdcage, panel, gate, door, windows, balcony, fence etc.\r\n\r\nProducts of the company are exported to various countries such as Japan, Canada, South-Africa, Chile etc.\r\n\r\nJinan Jinchi Construction Matrials Company has been quality certified to GB/T 190001-2000, and ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Kunz Engineering Inc specializes in the manufacture of pull mowers and tillage equipment for industrial and commercial purpose.

Kunz Engineering Inc   Mendota  United States
Kunz Engineering Inc is a manufacturer of pull mowers and tillage equipment for industrial and commercial purpose. They offer products like model e60b, model h60b, model h60t, model c60k, model pro60k, etc.

Online Designs Ltd is a service provider, which offers vision testing services.

Online Designs Ltd    New Zealand
Online Designs Ltd specializes in providing vision testing services. Their services include eye examination, eye health assessment, visual fields, low vision aids, glaucoma screening, color vision assessment, contact lenses, etc.