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Gerbig Engineering Company designs and builds clean rooms for several industries for more than 20 years.

Gerbig Engineering Company    United States
Gerbig Engineering Company specializes in building cleanrooms for a variety of industries including medical, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, biotechnology and healthcare. They specialize in modular cleanrooms, softwall cleanrooms, workstations, fan filter units, cleanroom accessories, ceiling grids, airecell extrusions, HVAC systems, etc.

Lymtech Scientific is a service provider, which provides cleanroom packaging facilities to electronics industry for wiping products suitable for use in critical environments since 1970.

Lymtech Scientific    United States
Lymtech Scientific specializes in providing cleanroom packaging facilities to electronics industry for wiping products. Their products include validated sterile wipes, purity pipes, compo wipe, industrial wipe, etc.

Hedinair Ovens Ltd manufactures wide range of industrial ovens.

Hedinair Ovens Ltd   Wickford  United Kingdom
Hedinair Ovens Ltd specializes in manufacturing various industrial ovens. Few of their products are heat treatment ovens, drum heating ovens, hot air belt ovens, infra red belt ovens, rotary ovens, sheet heating ovens, top loading ovens, elevator ovens, paint testing ovens, etc.

Bakers Pride Oven Company produces variety of ovens. The company was established in mid 1940`s.

Bakers Pride Oven Company    United States
Bakers Pride Oven Company produces a wide range of ovens for baking, cooking, broiling, and pizza equipments. Their products include conveyor ovens, baking ovens, convection ovens, deck ovens, countertop ovens, char broilers, griddles, burners, etc.

Lamac Ovens Inc manufactures ovens and dryers.

Lamac Ovens Inc   Dayton  United States
Lamac Ovens Inc specializes in manufacturing wide range of ovens and dryers that occuoy less space on floor. Their products include electric ovens, gas ovens, infrared ovens, automated drying systems, bench ovens, conveyor ovens, etc.

Economic Packaging And Cleanroom Supplies   Newark  United States
Economic Packaging And Cleanroom Supplies offers with industrial packaging cleanroom supplies, janitorial supplies and ESD supplies and the products include manuals, coveralls, shoe covers, lunchroom supplies, industrial wipes, paper products, cases, boxes and cartons, conductive packaging gloves, finger cots, foam, heel straps, anti static bags, gloves, etc.

AMI is a supplier of domestic, commercial and industrial parts for various brands of microwaves.

AMI    United States
AMI carries microwave repair parts for all brands of microwaves. AMI can supply microwave components for small home microwaves or large industrial microwaves. AMI products includes sealents, belts, cleaners, couplers, filters, rivets, sensors, switches, thermistors, kits, etc.

Fogazzo Wood Fired Ovens and Barbecues LLC is a manufacturer of variety of wood fired ovens and barbecues since 1984.

Fogazzo Wood Fired Ovens and Barbecues LLC    United States
Fogazzo Wood Fired Ovens and Barbecues LLC specializes in manufacturing variety of wood fired ovens and barbecues. Their products include oven model 850, oven model 1050, barbecue model 515, barbecue model 525, fireplace model 303, fireplace model 315, fireplace model 325, fireplace model 335, etc.

We specialize in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Laboratory and Scientific Equipment both in standard and custom designs.   Delhi  0
Bionics Scientific Technologies (P) Ltd. is an ISO certified laboratory equipment manufacturing company in India. The company has huge range of various types of laboratory equipment that are used in laboratory research, light industrial production, medical and healthcare and educational sectors. With over 25 years of successful experience, the company has gained trust of market leaders, helped them with supplying equipment related to freezing, mixing, crushing, sterilizing etc.\r\n\r\nThe company product range includes analytical instruments, laboratory equipment and variety of consumable products that easily meet day to day challenges faced by scientists and researchers in various testing procedures performed in lab and field. All laboratory equipment range is manufactured in own manufacturing units that are located in various places of India and abroad.\r\n\r\nThe company main product includes Autoclave\r\n, Cleanroom Equipment\r\n, Furnace\r\n, Refrigerators & Freezers\r\n, Oven\r\n, Pharmaceutical Blenders\r\n, Hot Plate Stirrers\r\n, Incubators\r\n, Laboratory Meters\r\n, Sieve Shakers\r\n, Water Bath & Circulators\r\n, Glove Box\r\n, Moisture Meter, Measuring Meters\r\n, Mixers\r\n, Shakers\r\n, Test Chambers\r\n and Water Distiller\r\n. Supply goes to various industries from schools to large organizations, customers includes Pharmaceutical Research\r\n, Biomedical Research\r\n, Environmental Research\r\n, Life Science Research\r\n, Diagnostics & Healthcare\r\n, Food & Beverages\r\n, Industrial Process\r\n and Schools & Universities\r\n.\r\n\r\nBionics Scientific Technologies (P) Ltd. supply equipment to Govt. agencies, small medium and large international laboratories throughout India and worldwide at highly competitive price.\r\n

Georgia Oven Company Inc manufactures wide range of vacuum and atmospheric ovens since 1979.

Georgia Oven Company Inc   Alpharetta  United States
Georgia Oven Company Inc specializes in manufacturing custom thermal devices, ovens and furnaces for several industries like plastics, textiles, medical, electronics and pharmaceutical.