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Alameda Electrical Distributors Inc is a distributor of electrical products for more than 30 years.

Alameda Electrical Distributors Inc    United States
Alameda Electrical Distributors Inc specializes in distributing electrical products for industrial purpose. Alameda Electrical Distributors Inc is a member of the National Association of Electrical Distributors.

Bel Fuse manufactures electronic products such as magnetic components, miniature and micro fuses, etc.

Bel Fuse    United States
Bel Fuse specializes in manufacturing and distributing electronic components for the computer, networking and telecommunication industries. Their producters include DC DC converters, passive connectors, magjack connectors with integrated magnetics, discrete magnetics, integrated broadband modules and fuses.

Circuit Protection Devices Inc is an industrial distributor specializing in fuses and terminal blocks since 1990.

Circuit Protection Devices Inc    United States
Circuit Protection Devices Inc specializes in distributing fuses and terminal blocks. Their products include capacitors, power supplies, circuit breakers, relays, connectors, resistors, delaylines, semiconductors, sensors, fans sockets, etc.

Elastomeric Technologies develops elastomeric connectors for sensors, board to board, flex circuit to board and component to board applications, etc.

Elastomeric Technologies    United States
Elastomeric Technologies specializes in developing elastomeric connectors. They provide implementation into electronic interconnection solutions for board to board, flex circuit to board and component to board applications in mobile communications, portable electronic entertainment systems, hand held instrumentation and other space constrained electronic products.

Tyco Electronics specializes in manufacturing passive component under various brands such as Raychem, Elcon, P and B, M/A-COM, CII and many more.

Tyco Electronics    
Tyco Electronics cable assemblies, connectors, tubing and molded products, circuit breakers, relays, sensors, power modules, positioning (GPS), gas sensors, power filters, RF and signal filters, capacitors, circuit protection devices, amplifiers, antennas, power modules, power systems, accessories, etc.

Tyco Electronics supplies magnetic devices.

Tyco Electronics    United States
Tyco Electronics specializes in supplying magnetic devices. CoEv Magnetics is a part of Tyco Electronics. The company products include switch mode power supply transformers and inductors, power inductors and chokes, ethernet magnetic modules, power toroid inductors, industry standard drum cores, digital telecom line interface transformers, broadband signal splitters and filters, and T1 E1 line interface modules.



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