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Moon Fabricating Corporation produces corrosion resistant lining products since 1923.

Moon Fabricating Corporation    United States
Moon Fabricating Corporation specializes in manufacturing corrosion resistant lining products for steel, power, manufacturing, corn processing, plating, anodizing, and engineering and construction industries. Their products include mixing vessels, ductwork, stacks, chutes, hoppers, etc. They also offer on site repair, relining, installations.

Wilkinson Hi Rise specializes in the manufacture of trash and chute for commercial purpose since 1923.

Wilkinson Hi Rise    United States
Wilkinson Hi Rise is a manufacturer of trash and chute for commercial purpose. They offer products like linen and trash chutes, compactors, recycling systems, and odor control systems.

Gladstone Metals specializes in manufacturing chutes.

Gladstone Metals    United States
Gladstone Metals manufactures chutes like front discharge chutes, rear discharge chutes, mains, folder or flip over, extensions, pavers, chute hardware, etc.

ACI Fabricators provides metal fabrication and installations for the industrial sector for more than 40 years.

ACI Fabricators   Clinton  United States
ACI Fabricators is a service provider, which offers metal fabrication and installations. The company offers service fo non-pressurized tanks, API 65O certified tanks, chutes, hoppers, pre hoppers, food processing equipment, spark traps transitions collector systems, breeching, stacks, etc. made from stainless steel, galvanized, aluminum or carbon steel.

Cobra Engineering (UK) Limited specializes in high calibre metal fabrication for all types.

Cobra Engineering (UK) Limited    United Kingdom
Cobra Engineering (UK) Limited design and manufacture products and systems for the food handling industry and vegetable sorting and packing. The company design and install major systems. Cobra Engineering (UK) Limited provides Pipe work and ducting in all sections, sizes and material.

Mentor Dynamics Ltd specializes in designing and developing polymer liners to solve flow problems in the cargo holds of self unloading ships and barge for more than 25 years.

Mentor Dynamics Ltd    United States
Mentor Dynamics Ltd designs and develops polymer liners to solve flow problems in the cargo holds of self unloading ships and barge. They supplies liners to a broad range of industrial applications and to the trucking industry. Their products and services include custom design, fabrication, installation and sales of performance liners for cargo vessels, heavy duty trucks, and roll off containers, silos, chutes, hoppers and off road equipment.

Martin Engineering Company supplies bulk materials handling systems since 1944.

Martin Engineering Company    United States
Martin Engineering Company specializes in supplying bulk materials handling systems. conveyor belt cleaners, conveyor load zone and transfer point chutes, impact cradles and slider beds, skirt board sealing systems, air supported belt conveyors, air cannons, etc. They also offer maintenance, silo cleaning, installation, laser conveyor surveying, and conveyor maintenance and safety training services. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Leyletts Engineering Ltd designs, manufactures and installs structural steelwork, light and heavy plate fabrications.

Leyletts Engineering Ltd   West Midlands  United Kingdom
Leyletts Engineering Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing structural steelwork, light and heavy plate fabrications. The company involves in many sectors such as quarrying, foundry and construction industries. their products include asphalt plants, dryers, material handling, hot and cold storage, rotary dryers, bag house filters in reverse air and pulse jet, hoppers, structures, screw conveyors, rotary and trickle valves, hoods, ducting, etc. The company is quality certified to BS EN ISO 9002:1994.

Energy Unlimited Inc specializes in providing sawdust fired solid fuel furnaces for industrial dehydration systems for more than 15 years.

Energy Unlimited Inc    United States
Energy Unlimited Inc provides sawdust fired solid fuel furnaces for industrial dehydration systems for removing moisture from many products including wood shavings for animal bedding, sawdust for wood pelleting and pressed fire logs, dairy manure, alfalfa dehy for animal feed, PVC resin, shrimp heads, and many pulp and paper applications. Their offer services like consulting, whole plant layout and design, starters, PLC whole plant automation including burner control, fabrication of cyclones, conveyors, log decks, hoppers, diverters, chutes, structural frame work and anything else that might be required during installation.

Duecker Rubber Service Inc. manufacture belting products since 1957.

Duecker Rubber Service Inc.   Houston  United States
Duecker Rubber Service Inc. provides with conveyor belting, custom fabricated belts, complete field installation, vulcanized splicing fabric and steel cable, belt cleaning systems, skirting and containment systems, expansion joints, impact and abrasion resistant liners.