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CWS ByteMark produces experimenter R and D products and providing small and large quantities of specialized electronic components.

CWS ByteMark    United States
CWS ByteMark specializes in producing experimenter R and D products and providing small and large quantities of specialized electronic components. Their products include ferrite and powdered iron components including ferrite toroids, powdered iron toroids, ferrite rods, ferrite beads. These parts are widely used for RF and Digital applications such as resonant circuits, switch mode power supplies, RFI, EMI suppression, signal transformers and DC chokes.

Baxley Trailer Company manufactures motor cycle parts for more than 60 years.

Baxley Trailer Company   Dothan  United States
Baxley Trailer Company is a division of Baxley Blowpipe Co, which specializes in manufacturing wide range of motorcycle stand, motorcycle chock, or motorcycle trailer. Few of their products are GT 2000, ST 001, SB 001, ST 002, hitchin rods, bolt down kit, straps, etc.

Briley Manufacturing Inc manufactures and distributes wide range of shotgun chokes, and other related accessories.

Briley Manufacturing Inc   Houston  United States
Briley Manufacturing Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing variety of shotgun chokes, and other related accessories. Their products include choke holder case, blaser chokes, riley thin wall chokes, browning chokes, fitted tube sets, side-kick chamber tube sets, etc.

Master Flo Valve Inc manufactures chokes and control valves since 1979.

Master Flo Valve Inc    Canada
Master Flo Valve Inc specializes in manufacturing chokes and control valves. Few of their products include choke valves, control valves, subsea chokes, and actuations. The company has been certified with ISO 9001:94 and ISO 9002 standards.

Elizabeth Carbide Components is a subsidiary of Elizabeth Carbide Die Co. , since 1972.

Elizabeth Carbide Components    United States
Elizabeth Carbide Components serves the following industries: tooling, wear parts, contract grinding, oil field wear parts and textile components. The company operates in a air conditioned 25, 000 square foot facility with future expansion capability to 45, 000 square feet.

Chokes Unlimited is an OEM manufacturer, distributor, importer and exporter of speaker components.

Chokes Unlimited   Coos Bay  United States
Chokes Unlimited manufactures loudspeaker components and speaker cabinet components. The company also designs and manufactures crossover coils, crossover networks, and speaker cabinets. The company offers specials like: 19 rolls of 1 inch polyolefin heat shrink tubing.

Electronica Argal S A manufactures all kind of inductive components since 1979.

Electronica Argal S A    Spain
Electronica Argal S A specializes in manufacturing all kind of inductive components. Their product includes coils, chokes, transformers, common mode chokes, encapsulated transformers, current sensor, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

BLD Products Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying automotive products since 1973.

BLD Products Ltd    United States
BLD Products Ltd manufactures and supplies automotive products. Their products use to automotive electronic engine controls, emission control devices and fuel delivery components. Their products include coolant, air temperature sensors, choke pull offs, choke thermostats, fuel pressure regulators, dashpots, vacuum motors, etc. , the company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000.

Magnetec GmbH manufactures and distributes tape wound ring cores for passive ELCBs since 1984.

Magnetec GmbH   Tonbridge  United Kingdom
Magnetec GmbH specializes in producing and supplying tape wound ring cores for passive ELCBs. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and ISO 14001 standards. Their product includes nanoperm, EMC cores, EMC chokes, cores for ELCB, etc.

K䬩n and Fischer AG is a manufacturer of variety of suppressor chokes, wound products, and subassemblies since 1970.

K䬩n and Fischer AG    ,,
K䬩n and Fischer AG specializes in manufacturing variety of suppressor chokes, wound products, and subassemblies. Their products include avionics, electronics, lubrication systems, etc.