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L. A. Dreyfus specializes in the manufacture of chewing gum base and bubble gum base products for over 90 years.

L. A. Dreyfus    United States
L. A. Dreyfus specializes in the manufacture of chewing gum base and bubble gum base products. They offer a wide range of products like diamond base, firm paloja, nova base, firm modifier, gum ball, liberty, magna, malibu, valor, wicks, etc.

Ford Gum and Machine Company Inc manufactures and distributes gum balls and gum ball machines since 1913.

Ford Gum and Machine Company Inc    United States
Ford Gum and Machine Company Inc specializes in producing and supplying gum balls and gum ball machines. Their product also includes chewing gums, candy, toys, gumball machines, etc.

Mega Corporation Italia SRL specializes in developing and manufacturing new revolutionary products for cleaning purposes.

Mega Corporation Italia SRL    Italy
Mega Corporation Italia SRL manufactures products to clean and protect your monuments, transport vehicles, squares from the attack of graffiti, chewing gum, indeleble ink, bird residues. The company supplies the market under the brand names Mega Lube, Sfr and Liquid Energy.

DRT specializes in manufacturing and supplying gum rosin and gum turpentine products using pine tree chemistry.

DRT    France
DRT specializes in manufacturing and supplying gum rosin and gum turpentine products using pine tree chemistry. Their products include terpene phenolic resins, polyterpene resins, polyester resins, rosin derivatives, resins in dispersion, tall oil derivatives, terpene derivatives, dipentene, terpinolene, pine oil, terpineol, dihydromyrcenol, terpinyl acetate, dimethyloctadiene, alloocimene, myrcene, geraniol, etc. They serve various industries which include adhesives, printing inks, chewing-gum, rubber, fragrance and flavour, pharmacy, cosmetics, disinfectants and detergents, industrial oil, etc. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001:2000, AS9100:2004, ISO 13485:2003.

American Gumball Machine Company    United States
American Gumball Machine Company specializes in distributing various antique penny gum ball machines. . The company also sells through online store. Few of their products include old columbia gumball machine, carousel topper, gumball machine, carousel jukebox gumball machine, ford machine, ford machine with stand, etc.

Arizona Chemical Company supplies pine chemicals for the adhesives, inks and coatings since 1985.

Arizona Chemical Company    United States
Arizona Chemical Company specializes in distributing pine chemicals, inks and coatings. Few of their products are fatty acids, hot melt polyamides, AMS resins, rosin tackifiers, terpene resin tackifiers, etc.

Sweet Services sells candies since 1970.

Sweet Services   Orland Park  United States
Sweet Services specializes in selling candies. They offer close-out candy, Christmas lollipops, Christmas chocolate, hospitality mints, chewing gums, hard candy, holiday candy, parade candy, soft candy, custom chocolate coins, candy canes, etc.

Ingridnet specializes in distributing food ingredients.

Ingridnet    United Kingdom
Ingridnet distributes food ingredients. Their products include amino acids and derivatives, antioxidants, bakery products, blood products, cereals and cereal products, cheese products, chemicals and additives, chewing gum ingredients, cocoa and cocoa products, colours, confectionery, contract services, cultures and fermentation starters etc, egg products, emulsifiers, enzymes, essential oils, oleoresins, plant extracts, fat replacer products, fats and oils, fibres, fish and seafood, flavours and aromas, fruit products dry, fruit products wet, herbs, spices and seasonings, hydrocolloids, stabilisers and gelling systems, liquorice products, etc. is an online site provides information to know about flooring industry c/o MPP Limited is a search engine facilitates customers to know and access information about carpet floors, machinery, tools, hard floors, matting, rugs, rubber floors, and other industrial flooring products.

American Ingredients Company is a supplier and manufacturer of functional bakery ingredients, food ingredients, functional chemicals, polymer additives, and specialty blending equipment.

American Ingredients Company    United States
American Ingredients Company specializes in supplying and manufacturing bakery and food products. Their products include trans fat free, coffee whiteners, whipped toppings, puddings, sauces and gravies, cheese substitutes and imitation cheeses, snack dips and imitation sour cream, dehydrated potatoes, snack foods, cereals and pastas, candy and confectionary, chewing gum, peanut butter, ice cream mix, baked goods, baking mixes, margarine, flavor dispersants, lubricants and release agents, etc.