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Chem and Lube manufactures lubricant products for industrial needs since 1970.

Chem and Lube    United States
Chem and Lube specializes in manufacturing lubricant products for industrial needs. The company product includes degreasers, food grade, greases, gear oils, compressor fluids, specialties, coolants, circulating oils, hydraulic fluids, rust preventives, etc.

Metal and Photo Chemical Etching, Photochemical Machining and Milling

Chemart   Lincoln  United States
ChemArt develops custom products for decoration and industry combining etching, milling, plating and screen printing to control the quality of its products.

Magnetic Inspection Laboratory Inc provides metal finishings and testing services.

Magnetic Inspection Laboratory Inc    United States
Magnetic Inspection Laboratory Inc specializes in providing metal finishing and testing services. Few of their services include non destructive testing such as fluorescent penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic testing and x ray inspection, and metal finishings such as passivation, black oxide, anodizing, chem film, Zn and Mn phosphate, electro polish, chemical milling, and coatings such as powder coating, teflon, dry film lube, etc. The company has been certified with ISO9001 and AS9100 standards.

Indiana Micro Etch Inc manufactures various flat metal components using etching technique.

Indiana Micro Etch Inc    United States
Indiana Micro Etch Inc specializes in manufacturing various flat metal components. The company services include acid etch, acid etching, chem mill, chemical etching, chemical machining, chemical milled, chemical milling, chemically machined, chemically milled, etched, metal etched, metal etching, photo chemical etching, photo chemical machining, photo chemical milling, photo etch, photo etched, photo etching, photo fabrication, photo machined, photoetched, photo-etched, photoetching, photomachined, photo machined, precision etching, etc.

App Chem Ltd is a manufacturer of water analysis test kit products.

App Chem Ltd    United Kingdom
App Chem Ltd specializes in manufacturing water analysis test kits for use in areas where water needs to be monitored. Their products include colorimetric tests, titrimetric tests, electronic tests, microbiological tests, etc.

Chem1 provides guided, interactive, and in depth instruction in general chemistry for advanced high school and college level.

Chem1    ,,
Chem1 specializes in providing guided, interactive, and in depth instruction in general chemistry for advanced high school and college level.

Chem Pruf Door Co Ltd manufactures and supplies doors, frames, and accessories for more than 25 years.

Chem Pruf Door Co Ltd    United States
Chem Pruf Door Co Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying doors, frames, and accessories. The company product includes pharmaceutical doors, total composite doors, door window, weather strip, bolts, closers, hinges, locks, panic device, push pulls, etc.

Chem Processing Inc provides metal finishing services since 1970.

Chem Processing Inc    United States
Chem Processing Inc specializes in providing metal finishing services. Their services include electroless nickel plating, solid film lubricants, and teflon coating, anodizing, passivation, and phosphating. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001and AS9100 B standards.

Aqua Chem Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of water treatment equipments.

Aqua Chem Inc    United States
Aqua Chem Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing water treatment equipments. Their products include evaporator, steam and seawater heat exchanger, feedwater control valve, vacuum system, etc. They also provide engineering, installation, training and maintenance services. provides information about basic chemistry.    ,, specializes in providing information about basic chemistry. They offer information about matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry.