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Mikana Foods Inc supplies cheese, cheese ingredients to the food industry since1998.

Mikana Foods Inc    ,,
Mikana Foods Inc specializes in supplying cheese, cheese ingredients and kit components to the food industry. The company products include shredded cheese, sliced cheese, bulk cheese, natural cheese, process cheese, etc.

F And A Cheese Corporation is a manufacturer of cheese since 1980.

F And A Cheese Corporation    United States
F And A Cheese Corporation products serve the pizza market, and the food service industry. The company is a U. S. D. A. approved plant. The company products includes: processed American cheese, Swiss American cheese, hot pepper cheese food, Mozzarella cheddar, provolone Colby, and blue cheese cold pack, etc.

Sargento Foods Inc supplies natural and processed cheese products to the food ingredients industry.

Sargento Foods Inc   Plymouth  United States
Sargento Foods Inc specializes in supplying natural and processed cheese products to the food ingredients industry. Three business divisions of Sargento Foods Inc are consumer products, food service and food ingredients. Few of their products include sliced, shredded and diced cheeses, portion control packs, fillings and sauces, breaded appetizers, etc.

Johnson Industries International Inc specializes in manufacturing cheese maker and cheese processor equipment.

Johnson Industries International Inc   Wisconsin  United States
Johnson Industries International Inc manufactures mozzarella, pizza cheese making machinery and cheese processing equipments like cooker stretchers, rotary molder chiller, cutting systems, shredding systems, and other support machineries.

Great Lakes Cheese manufactures complete line of cheese products to the foodservice industry since 1958.

Great Lakes Cheese   Hiram  United States
Great Lakes Cheese specializes in producing complete line of cheese products to the foodservice industry. Their product includes natural and processed bulk, shredded and sliced cheeses.

Berner Foods Inc specializes in supplying food products includes natural cheese, specialty performance cheese, etc for more than 60 years.

Berner Foods Inc   Roscoe  United States
Berner Foods Inc supplies food products include natural cheese, specialty performance cheese, and processed cheese and soy beverages. They offer to supermarket, drug, mass merchandiser, club, dollar store, specialty food distributor, foodservice, and contract manufacturing channels. The company is quality certified to ISO 9001. is a career portal for management professionals in the dairy processing industry.    ,, is a career portal for management professionals in the dairy processing industry. They offer information regarding dairy foods, prepared foods, cheese market news, job resources, etc.

Kennys Farmhouse Cheese manufactures and distributes gourmet cheese products since 1998.

Kennys Farmhouse Cheese   Austin  United States
Kennys Farmhouse Cheese specializes in producing and supplying gourmet cheese products. The company also facilitates online purchasing. Their product includes asiago, kentucky bleu, bleu gouda, gouda, colby, etc.

Sumerduck Farm produces goat milk soaps, cheese, and wool roving, and tops. They are located in Sumerduck, Virginia, in South-Eastern Fauquier County.

Sumerduck Farm   Sumerduck  United States
Sumerduck Farm produces raw fleeces, wool roving and tops, and yarn. They are specialized for producing products such as raw wool fleeces, processed wool and mohair roving, ramboillet tops, and yarn in various colors, goats` milk soaps, goat`s milk cheese. Their other products are spearmint, lemon grass, green tea, licorice root, lemon peel, cinnamon chips, Siberian ginseng, and hawthorn berries.

Eon Trading LLC performs international trading with the own products, manufactured by Bulgaria based production companies.

Eon Trading LLC    ,,
Eon Trading LLC has their production companies like: Bultech 2000 Ltd, Verea Plast St. Co. , and Project M Ltd. The company designs, develops, and manufactures electronic ultrasonic milk analyzers and special technological equipment and electronic devices in the field of dairy and food industry, tools for injection moulding machines, wide range of plastic parts including shapes for yellow cheese from 0. 5 -9 kg, and equipment for milk processing industry and bottling technique.