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AOC Furniture specializes in providing office products.

AOC Furniture   Blaine  United States
AOC Furniture provides office products in various configurations and sizes. The company supplies workstation status seeker, the divider plus, front line security desk, and demountable and moveable walls.

Fisco Tools Ltd manufactures various measuring tapes.

Fisco Tools Ltd    United Kingdom
Fisco Tools Ltd specializes in manufacturing wide range of measuring tapes. Their products include surveyors tape, steel rules, squares, chalk lines and electronic measuring tools.

Chalk Dust is a supplier of class sets of novel studies and study guides for schools.

Chalk Dust    
Chalk Dust supplies French posters, flash cards, notions and incentives, verb wheels, door signs, and also callirobics (handwriting exercises). The company provides service only inside Canada.

IRWIN Industrial Tool Company manufactures and distributes professional grade hand tools and power tool accessories since 1885.

IRWIN Industrial Tool Company    United States
IRWIN Industrial Tool Company specializes in producing and supplying professional grade hand tools and power tool accessories. The company product includes chisels, clamps, handsaws, drill bits, utility blades and knives, vise-grip locking pliers, speedbor drill bits, strait-line chalk reels, marathon circular saw blades, quick-grip clamps, unibit drill bits, and hanson taps and dies, etc.

Colonial Tailor`s Chalk supplies marking products for textile industry since 1906.

Colonial Tailor`s Chalk   Williamsburg  United States
Colonial Tailor`s Chalk specializes in supplying marking products for textile industry. Their products include perfection master tailors chalk, trippleware tailors chalk, jems tailors clay chalk, disappearing chalk, wood encased pencil, wax crayons, veribest stamping powder, etc.

Carmel Group Inc manufactures and distributes wax products and marking products since 1974.

Carmel Group Inc    Canada
Carmel Group Inc specializes in manufacturing and distributing wax products and marking products. Their products include dental, jewelry, investment casting, chalk, felt, powders, ear tags, tattoo inks, pencils, parraffin waxes, microcrystalline waxes, bees wax, candelila wax, crnauba wax, montan wax, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, pigments, linseed oils, resins, etc.

Florida Chalkboard Co is a distributor of visual display products for more than 40 years.

Florida Chalkboard Co   Tarpon Springs  United States
Florida Chalkboard Co specializes in distributing wide range of visual display products. Their products include modular adjustable boards, directory cases, conference room units, reface old chalkboards, display rails, interactive white boards, vertical sliding units, tack and marker walls, math boards, horizontal sliding units, music and lined boards, etc.

John Godrich is a service provider in a wide range of industrial and laboratory equipment for more than 40 years.

John Godrich   Ludlow  United Kingdom
John Godrich is a service provider in a wide range of industrial and laboratory equipment. They provide products like mixers, ovens, balances and weighing equipment, coating test equipment, food line equipment, road marketing test equipment, textile testing equipment, environmental line, laboratory and medical equipment, wastewater treatment, etc.

Chalk Creek Software Inc provides software project design and development services for their clients.

Chalk Creek Software Inc    United States
Chalk Creek Software Inc specializes in providing software project design and development services for their clients. Technologies they offer their services includes custom internet applications, java and enterprise java development and consulting services,.net web application development services, web development, custom internet and windows application development, web design services, etc.

Listo Corporation Inc specializes in manufacturing markers since 1921 and plastic injection molding services since 1946.

Listo Corporation Inc    United States
Listo Corporation Inc specializes in manufacturing markers since 1921. Their products include marking pencils, refill leads, felt tip markers, chalk gaurds, carton cutters, refill blades, loc ties, buzzwacket. Listo offer superior injection molding services to many companies in a wide variety of industries.